Roommate's Cats Break Downstems. Thinks It's Not Her Fault

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  1. So I had two Sheldon Black downstems, one 14mm and one 18mm. Well I had them on the back corner of the kitchen counter overnight because I had cleaned them to sell along with my bong today. I found the downstems in pieces on the ground this morning and told my roommate about it, and she says it isn't her problem, responsibility, and she is not going to pay for them. I can hardly sell my bong without a downstem. Am I wrong for thinking she should pay for them?
  2. its really not her fault man.

    like she did nothing, and you did nothing its just a shitty situation with only a cat to punish.
  3. She may not have done anything, but if it's genuinely HER cat and not a shared animal than she needs to take responsibility for it. I don't think you're in the wrong at all man.

    Also sorry for your loss man, thankfully you still have the tubes at least.
  4. I believe it was your fault for leaving them in a place susceptible to damage. In my opinion that's asking for something to happen to them. That sucks though.
  5. yea shit sucks but no one is really at fault. unless she trained her cat to sabotage your bong then yes you should probably make her pay for it.
  6. it's your fault for leaving them on the edge of a counter knowing she has a cat.
  7. I realize it isn't necessarily her fault. I worded the title wrong. It is her responsibility. They are her cats. Nobody else's. She says that she warned people not to leave things where the cats could get a hold of them, but they're fucking cats, they can get anywhere.
  8. If your dog bites somebody, who gets in trouble? The owner...

    It is her fault. The least she could do is offer some money. Your kinda in a jam though because if you honestly wanted to go to court, what could you say... my roomates cat broke my bong.. lol
  9. Is she supposed to tell her cat not to knock off your downstem on the table before she goes to sleep or something? It's your fault for leaving it where a cat could get to it, man, not her fault.
  10. Poison the cat and put your shit where it wont get broke
  11. my roomate has a cat, and since both themm moved in, the cat is not aloud 2 places, the counter/bar and my room. id suggest you break the habit of it crawling around on the counters. i cant really say she should pay for it

    all my glass stays on the kitchen par wear the cat can easily and has jumped up on. just train the cat
  12. Gonna have to agree that it's not her responsibility in this case. If the cats did something unnecessarily destructive like chewed/scratched up your property because they weren't trained then I'd say yes, but in this case it would be basically blaming her for having cats. It was up to you to take the necessary precautions.
  13. cats on the counter?, gross

    its both your faults, hers for letting cats up where you serve food and you for leaving it out KNOWING there's a cat in the place that fancies the and learn friend.:smoke:
  14. I've told her to train her cats a hundred times. The cats know they aren't supposed to be on the kitchen counter, and the only one who doesn't enforce the rules of the cats being on the counter is her. I have friends that come over and do more to train those cats than her. I've also told her a hundred times that she should keep the cats in her room when she sleeps because I'm not their owner.

    And to those who think I left the stuff on the edge of the counter, I put them at the back of the counter against the wall. If your pet breaks something, should you not be responsible for it? It is your pet, you left it out at night, it fucked up, therefore out of negligence, you fucked up.
  15. It should be her fault. They are HER cats, not yours. Cats can jump, climb, practically anywhere but a wall. Yes, it was not a good idea to leave it on the edge of the counter, but, if there weren't cats there, the downstem wouldn't be broken like it is today. So, yes it is her fault, since they are her cats. Much like a few posts above me said the part with the dog, it's just like that.
  16. Solution... leave the door open and when the cats get out, its not your problem
  17. And like you just said, they shouldn't be on the counter, that's pretty gross.
  18. Take responsibility for your actions. You put your downstems in a vulnerable spot and they broke. What do you expect? Even people without cats wouldnt have their downstems standing upright on a counter.

  19. would you rather lay them down, so they can just...roll off the counter... in MY house i keep MY shit where i want... in her house she can keep her SHIT where she wants, but if her SHIT fucks with MY shit, its her fault... thats what i say.... if i had a room mate, and i had an animal, that animal has the same position as a child, it is your responsibility, if your kid was to have picked those up and dropped them, it would totally be your responsibility to replace them, same with a cat....why does it get excused...because it is cute and fluffy...pff yea right
  20. i wouldnt have left it on the kitchen counter dooode
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