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Roommate Wont Let Me Smoke Anymore

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JayBlaze4, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. First post here. This place seems awesome.

    Anyway, I just moved into a new apartment a month ago. When I first got here my roommate (who's room is RIGHT next to mine) said it was okay to smoke in my room as long as he doesn't see it. I've done that and used a paper towel barrel with dryer sheets, along with Febreeze, to block out the smell as much as I possibly could. Next thing I know he asks me to stop smoking in the house. I guess since his room is right next to mine he's able to pick up a little bit of the smell. You could honestly barely smell it though and I don't get the big deal. I never flaunt weed or anything like that around him.

    I'm trying to get someone to sublease my room so I could be in an environment where I could actually smoke. I'm scared if I keep doing it that he'll try calling the cops or something. However, is there possibly an alternative solution to this problem? How could I smoke with NO smell at all? I always use my pipe when I toke.

    I've been smoking for half a year now and I'm 19 years old. I'm still in the novelty stage so I don't want to quit if I don't have to since I really enjoy it and I'm not hurting anyone. Also, would smoking in my car (with tinted windows) be a good alternative to smoking inside? I'm always afraid a cop will see me and I'll be screwed. My car would be facing a huge fence covered in vines so no one could see me through the front of the car. And how would I get rid of the smell after I smoke?

    I'm just really needing advice right now since there's not much people I could talk to this about. I haven't smoked in a week out of fear he would find out and it sucks. By the way, walking around outside would NOT be a good alternative for me since its way too risky. And I have no friends place I could smoke at either.
  2. you dont have a porch/balcony of some sort you could go out on?  also smoking in a car while parked isnt that sketchy unless you get cops driving by all the time anyway.
    the way i always handle things with roommates is that if at least one person is against smoking indoors, nobody smokes indoors.  it's the only way to be fair, since they're the only ones being negatively affected.
  3. I have a porch but he probably wouldn't like the idea of me smoking there either since its also right next to his room.
  4. And as far as cops driving around goes, I think my apartment complex just has patrol cars go around once and awhile.
  5. Welcome to the City!
    And second, Sorry to hear about your roomate. THats sucks. But if i were you i would just go out to your car, put on a good cd and smoke out there. You can freshen up before you come inside if your really worried and how can he be mad about you smoking in your car?
    When i lived with my mom in HS i would put a towel under the door to block any scents. Not 100% sure it worked, but she didn't complain and i felt alright about it.  Also if you got a decent air purifier it would suck up any smoke smell. 
    There is that smoker's candle but i've never seen it used.
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    the way i see it, if it's outdoors then the roommate has no right to tell you not to smoke there.  the smoke isn't getting into his room unless his window is open.  of course, if you honestly think your roommate would call the cops on you, you probably shouldnt be smoking anywhere near the guy.
    if i were in your shoes i'd smoke in the car in the parking lot.  no conflict, and not that far away.
    those are probably just looking for cars to tow (at least that's what those assholes do around here)
    they probably dont care if youre smoking pot, but if you think they do, try chillin in your car with nothing illegal on you and see what comes of it.
  7. Dude smoking on the porch would barely leave any smell at all, even if it was right next to his room. Do you have a window in your room? Because you could open that up and blow smoke out the window, that helps a lot.
  8. Thanks, you helped me put something on my list for college next year. Never would've thought of an air purifier.
  9. do you have a window? i have a 2-bladed window fan with a setting to exhaust air out the window.....Works like a charm. One of the cheapest things that really helps is ozium or you could possibly start burning incense in the apt. (even when you're not smoking so you don't raise suspicion) in addition to the window fan/doob tube/febreeze. You could also buy one of those air freshener dispensers on a timer in the common area of your place so it constantly smells good  
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    Would it be conspicuous if I was outside on my porch (and it faces a bunch of buildings where I'm in clear visible sight) if I was outside smoking my pipe? Would a passerby or cop just assume I'm smoking tobacco?
  11. dude id be like im fucking paying rent to, i do me and u do u, u mind ur own bussiness, and ill mind my own.
  12. nobody will think you're smoking tobacco, but it's generally not conspicuous, unless a bunch of people in the area are real uptight.
    i've never had issues smoking on a porch anywhere.  if you see a cop or someone else you dont want to see, just go inside.  that's the beauty of keeping it close to home.
  13. Since my car's windows aren't tinted yet (and if I don't have to I want to keep it that way), I'll just continue to smoke in my room with my window open, dryer sheets, window fan, Ozium, and Febreeze. And I guess once and awhile I could try going on the porch. This all just seems like so much work though. Any other tips on how to prevent the smell? Does covering my bowl with my hand after I take a hit help? Also, for the Ozium, do I need to spray that after or before I smoke?

    Thanks for all the replies so far by the way!
  14. Trust me, doing all that stuff in your room is less work than getting dressed, going to your car, then spraying that down, then coming back to your room. Honestly, if you blow the smoke directly out the window or into a fan facing the window, 80% or more of the smell is gone. Then a couple sprays of febreeze and you're golden.
  15. Kill him.... Don't really know why no one said it before me lol
  16. I skimmed this but really did not a single person suggest a vape?

    Bro, get a fuckin' vape. No smoke, almost no smell. I don't anyone would be able to smell the vapor of a vaporizer outside your room but just put a fan in the window and blow the vapor into it and youll be golden. You probably will be without doin that but just to be cautious. Your roommate sounds like a retard and would call the cops not understanding how much a simple possession of a gram could fuck your life up so much.
  17. If they saw you that's enough evidence for them to come into your home.

    That being said. I smoke on my porch all the time on a busy road. But people go 50 mph so I doubt they see but i still put it down when they drive by. its an enclosed porch so harder to see into too.
  18. the paper towel roll thing is a joke right?  that's not getting rid of any smoke.  get yourself a 3M respirator filter and epoxy a short tube to it (not necessary but helpful) and exhale through that, BOOM! no smoke.  i'd do snappers also so that you can kill the bowl in 1 hit and not have any smoke rising off the bowl
  19. that's why you keep your eyes open so you see them before they see you.  they're on the road, so it's rare that they'll notice you before you're already back inside.  at least that's how i look at it.
  20. 1. Get a vape. Being so young in the game I would get a mflb. Very cheap, effective when you don't have a high tolerance, and very portable being tiny and silent and virtually smell less. I toked on my mflb while sitting in lectures at college. :p

    2. Purchase a "smoke buddy". 12ish bucks. Its a carbon filter tube like deal. Blow the fattest cloud of smoke through there, ZERO smoke and smell coming out the other end.

    3. Blow it out the window, through a fan, or toke on the porch. If you have a garage, that always works.

    4. Toke in the car! I toke and drive all the time. I've been high and pulled over with no suspicion. Hell even drank a little.

    5. If he is underage and drinks alcohol, tell him there will be no drinking allowed if there is no smoking allowed. Most people can relate once they see how much a request like that affects a person.

    6. Educate your roommate about how harmless cannabis is. It is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. The smell is way less predominant than tobacco. And cannabis can be used to both cure and prevent cancer! Tell your roommate to grow up and be an adult. :)

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