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  1. This will be long but I'm in need of some advice, so please help me out. Well this he is an ex roommate now, his name is Jay. So I was living with a friend of mine a couple months back and we worked together at a coffee shop. I ended up getting let go because there was too many people working there so I was pretty fucked. I had no car (we rode together everyday) and no money to help me find a new job. But still I tried my best to find work, a couple weeks later, not even a month, my "friend" tells me if you don't find a job/get money to pay rent by the first of the month, then I'll have to leave. I said that's cool. no problem at all. That happened on a Thursday, it was maybe two weeks into February.

    So the next day my friend invites me to come hang out at his college for the weekend and I went. I forgot my phone charger and my phone ended up dieing. We head back on Sunday and Jay calls my friend that I'm with and says he threw all my shit outside and I have to move out that day because I was ignoring him but my phone was dead.... no warning, no nothing. And he was pretty hostile towards me when I got there to gather my stuff even though he had no reason to. I'm glad he never did anything though. I told him that this is one of the most fucked up things you can do to a person and I will never forgive him. That was the end of it I thought.

    So I move in with my cousin and I will be here for the summer while I wait to go to basic training. I'm joining the Army and trying my best to better my life and get an opptunity to do something great. Everything was going fine for a couple weeks and then Jay starts harassing me saying that I ran out on a debt and I'm being a coward. even though he was the one that kicked me out? I supposedly owe him him around $400 for the one month I was out of work. But all the sudden he now is starting to harass my mother saying he will take me to court and fuck up my military career. It's one thing to constantly bug me about this but bringing my mom into this? that's fucked up.

    Also I never signed a lease. And when I initially moved in with him, it was to help me get on my feet and he even said that. The first month I lived there, I didn't pay rent but he was fine with it. But now he's going back and saying I own him for that as well. So I'm pretty sure he would never win in court and the way he is acting is really starting to get to me. I mean really? threatening my Army career? If I wasn't committed to this, I'd go right over to him and beat that motherfucker. But that's out of the question. I'm sure I went all over the place with this so I will clear things up as needed.

    Help me out blades.
  2. If i were you i'd just talk to your mom and dad to make sure they get the full story and take your side- which they will obviously do if they hear that story

    Then i'd just tell him the get the fuck out, and ignore him. If he takes you to court, he's royally fucked since there was no lease, there's no official paper saying you even had to pay for the rent. Just let him look like a dumbass in front of the judge
  3. Is this the whole story? Or just your side of it. I'm not being an ass but it just seems so ridiculous that there must be something missing. It's easier to give advice if we've got the WHOLE story bro
  4. Yea, my mom knows what's going on and she's aware of everything that happened. This guy is incredibly deceitful and just straight up a bad person. He's got a horrible life so the second he found out I was actually doing something worthwhile, he wants to try to fuck me. I know he won't have a case if he takes this to court but it's still fucked.

    This is the whole story man. I know it doesn't sound like it but you don't know this guy. He sits around and smokes weed all day and thinks of ways to fuck people over.
  5. he cant take you to court for that. theyll be like, dude pay your fucking rent and get outta my court room. but you should def consider kicking his ass, or at least
    a swift boot to the head.

  6. wow bro, that sucks. I'm sorry you ere ever in the position where you needed to ask someone like that for help. But like my man above me said he's not going to get ANYWHERE in court lol. It'll be your word (a future soldier for this country) against his. No physical contracts and no witnesses to a verbal contract.
    If I were you I'd send him a text or call him and say fuck the threats and calling my mom, TAKE ME TO COURT. I guarantee you that'll be a slap-in-the-face reality check for him when he tries to move forward
  7. And in terms of your army career, someone claiming you owe them two months rent after admittedly throwing your stuff out onto the street while you were away has no chance of messing up your career bro
  8. were you helping to pay any bills?

    If you paid for rent or utilities the first of FEBURARY, or whatever month he kicked you out, then you still had the rest of the month to live there and pack up your stuff and leave.

    were you paying him anything before?

    He had absolutely no right to throw away your stuff. He should have called the landlord, packed your stuff away, and notified police to come take it.

    If your stuff was valuable, then sue his ass. If not, forget about it.

    How much did you give your friend while staying with him?
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    if ANYTHING the dude will get in trouble for having someone else in the house
    and not on the lease, majority of places do that.

    this does not matter, thats not grounds for anything, he HAS to be on the lease to have any place in that at all. the dude that rented out would get in trouble for having people stay that arnt on the lease, weather they pay or not. its in the paperwork when you sign the lease. pretty sure thye state it as well before signing.
    ive rented mmany proprties before.
  10. Well,without you signing anything,I doubt he can get anything from you in court.He obviously isn't a real friend,his actions have proven otherwise.

    All I can really say is just keep on moving forward in your life and leave those who don't belong,behind you.But if you feel that he can get something out of you in court,maybe it's just best to pay him atleast a little bit of what he claims you "owe" him,just to get him out of your hair.

    Best of luck.
  11. if you received any mail at that address that may be grounds to prove that you were in fact a resident at said address.
  12. I was paying a portion of the bills and I gave him around $1400 from october 2010 to january 2011.

    Yea he is definitely not relevant in my life anymore and never will be. A real friend would never do something like that and I'm definitely not paying him a cent if I have anything to do with it.

    thanks guys.
  13. He conducted what is known as an illegal eviction. He would likely loose in small claims court or your counter-suing him could balance out the bill.

    I would try to pay him for the end time, but screw the beginning. :smoke:
  14. Because of the way acted towards me, I have no intention of paying him. I'm busy on my grind trying to get ready for the Army :smoke: I don't need jokers like that in my life.
  15. Even if he does take you to court you can counter sue this bitch for like 150-200$ nothing more. cause the judge would think its bullshit. This guy sounds like such a douche, I'd have someone punch him in the face so he's got nothing on.
  16. Yeah if you never signed a lease then you're in no way legally bound to pay him rent. Next time he calls you tell him to go fuck himself because he's not seeing a dime of that money.

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