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Roommate threatening to snitch on me for smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by phillymaniac49, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. I am a college student in my senior year living with one of my friends in an apartment. Known this kid since 7th grade, and he had no one to live with so I felt bad and lived with him. Now, I enjoy smoking some weed on friday nights and sat nights to relax. The problem is my roommate is bein an asswipe about it. He wants to be a cop, and hes been up my ass saying he is going to tell on me, report me to the cops, and tell my parents...all cus i smoke a joint. I even do it outside, away from the apartment. He has said that I am addicted to weed, and his teacher in health class in high school said that sometimes friends are going to be addicted to a drug and will deny they are addicted and it is up to you to get them help. He has a ride along with a cop next weekend and keeps mentioning hes going to tell the cop to keep an eye out for me and come over to the apartment. He has gone so far as to find me outside, shine a flashlight on me, and take pictures...saying hes documenting my illegal usage for future evidence (srs). me and kid used to be so tight, but now hes going too far with this, and I have tried explaining to him that it's none of his business and its my life. 
    I'm stressing out/raging right now. I understand weed is illegal, but it is really none of his business what I do, right? I get great grades, on track to graduate and go to PT school. I'm not 100% sure he will snitch, but he keeps dropping hints. If he snitches on me that could totally **** up my future. Also, our parents are somewhat friends and talk to each other, so thats just great. WHAT DO?

    CLIFFS due to excessively long post:

    OP lives with friend of 8 years in apartment, each have own rooms
    OP goes outside and smokes weed a few times a week
    Roommate wants to be a cop, threatening to call cops and parents for smoking weed
    Roommate says i am addicted and it is up to him to save my life from the addiction to weed
    OP has a good future ahead of him, great grades/Dean's list, grad school next year
    OP does not want parents finding out/cops being called
    OP cannot tell if the threats are 100% srs or not

  2. thats rough man. that dude is seriously lacking in common decency and respect. your best bet is probably to stop smoking for the last month of this semester, then move out, cut all connections and leave him with the bills come spring.
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    Like he gives you his bullshit,I would give him my bullshit.I'll tell him it's time to quit.
  4. Op should kick his ass out
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    Holy fuck. What a little rat.
    This is why weed needs to be legal, don't worry, tell that little bitch to go ahead and tell the cop you smoke a joint on the weekends. They're not going to do anything if you don't sell. Just incase, make sure you get a friend to hold onto your bag or just don't have any that night (or day) and just fuck with him.
  6. I would probably move.
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    really sucks you have to deal with that.  In my freshman year of college, right out of high school (around when i started toking up) I had a roommate who didn't drink or smoke, but would smoke hookah ( i knw he was weird).  I would never smoke in the dorms, so my friends and i would just hop into my car, head to a local smoke spot (being the bay area there are a ton of good spots) and smoke there.  But when i would head back to my dorm and if my roommate was there, he would just go off on me about being high.  He thought it was fine to drink and smoke tobacco but weed is a drug and is illegal on top of that.  One night when i came back home he got so worked up over me being high that he pulled out a syringe and came at me with it. His reasoning is that he wanted to test my blood and have proof to turn into the administration.  I told him that if he came any closer i would fuck him up.  And i was serious, so he just back away and was like well if i catch again I'm gonna tell the RA.  Mind you, he wasn't even catching me smoking, just noticing that I'm high when i would walk in.  
    That was years ago and i have moved on since.  I don't talk to him anymore and he doesn't talk to me.  Your situation will be the same and being that this is your senior year I would just wait it out until your lease is over, unless it becomes overly unbearable.  
    Also tell your roommate to let the cop come by, you really think the cop he is going on a ride along with is going to take a request like that seriously?  haha i would love to hear what the cop's response would be.
    Shiiiiiiit.. Sounds like rooomy is impersonating a cop .. Thats just as illegal as smoking an L, right?

  9. #9 MandalaSmoker, Nov 9, 2014
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    Dude fuck him get out if you do not like it.That shit is just ridiculous.

    By the way this sorta sounds like a troll post.He shined his light on you? You just stood there and said hello didn't you?

    You have to ask what to do in this situation? Ha take that flashlight and throw it in the toilet.Afterwards get out of lease and move.

    The guy is a idiot obviously.Motherfucker your going to shine a flashlight at me but you know what I'm most likely up too? Lolololol yeah dude time to get a new room mate.
  10. lol technically more illegal.
  11. #SnitchesGetStitches

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  12. I'd move out.....but before I did it I'd hide a little stash bag somewhere in his room. Then if he ever busts you, return the favor....
  13. kill him in his sleep while chanting "satan satan satan"
  14. Exactly, the cops cant arrest you for smoking weed in the past, they have to catch you on the spot. or at least find your stash and arrest you for possession, so I would hide it somewhere, other than where you live.
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    You can always just deny it...
    I would seriously reconsider a new roommate tho. He sounds like a dick.
  16. I have known some people that wanted to be cops and some of them are serious. He could see you as being in his way of becoming a cop. Might even think he will get kudo's for turning you in?
  17. Beat his ass after your year is done get the pictures erased move to colorado and he can go fuck himself 
  18. thats not someone I want to be around. Fuck Him. get away from him
  19. You should tell him to watch The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. Documentary on marijuana. It had change the minds of many against marijuana. In my opinion, The High Culture is even better.

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