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Roommate problem

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Grasshopper914, May 13, 2011.

  1. So I just finished setting up my first grow cabinet. Just a normal looking dresser in my room. Anyway, ive got two roommates one is cool, best roommate ive had. The other....hes another story. Hes a sneaky little fucker. I just dont really trust him. Hes not the kind of guy that would rat me out to the cops or anything (I dont think) but regardless i dont want him to know about my grow. He just seems to not have any respect. He just goes in everyones room and grabs whatever shit he wants. I had books sitting on my grow cabinet just to sit something on it. Anyway i came home the other day and one of my books is sitting on the living room table. Roommate said he needed something to write on.....theres a coffee table. So im a little suspicious that he might have tried to open the drawer and got curious. Idk if he knows anything but I want to keep him OUT of my room. Ive asked before, keeps going in there. Any advice on keeping him out short of locking my door? Which would be a little obvious that im tryin to hide something... HELP :eek:
  2. Talk to the other room mate. If the sneaky one isn't assisting too much on bills etc. Propose to him an ultimatum, stop trolling around in your room, or leave!

    Good luck man!

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