roommate likes guitar hero too much

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. So I got a cool stoner roommate, but all he does is play guitar hero- even when im trying to sleep!
  2. Unplug it, haha. Just tell him you need to sleep, and he needs to chill.
  3. Ive got to stop smoking him up every day too. I usually try to keep a bowl ahead of my friends (as in, you smoke me up once, I smoke you up twice), but this mooching shit is done.
  4. Tell him to pick up a real guitar.
  5. Headphones?
  6. Also a concept he does not understand.

  7. so is he mentally challenged?..Id asked him if he be willing to pitch in with your next batch of bud, he'd have to be an asshole to say no. and thats when you know you gotta bad roomy
  8. dude, its okay, my little bro had the cops here...for playing his REAL 2 am...yeah...stoners worst nightmare cops coming in his house when hes got an oz, and a bong chillin next to his tv in his room...

    just slap him and say "no" assertively, remember, room mates make great pets when they get potty trained and kept healthy. they also can be very loyal...wait, thats dogs...same thing:D
  9. room mates suck. get your own place.
  10. games like that are far more dangerous and indsidious than most people seem to realise. its mearly training to you take orders, do as your told. conditioning all the originality, creativity and individuality out of you, leaving you like a well behaved drone. :eek:

    i say you save your cool roomate and destroy the cd, and any new ones he buys to replace it. it will likely also destroy your friendship, but if you truely care about them,.,,
  11. Tell him to grow some balls and get a real guitar and learn how to play... then it'll probably be pretty quiet cause he'll give up after realizing its not nearly as easy as the stupid video game. As for the mooching, that sucks... you gotta cut him off man. Me and my old roommate used to smoke our neighbor up all the time and then when he would get bud he wouldn't smoke it with us. What a douchebag.
  12. Guitars are the devil.

    Honestly, my dad gets noise complaints from our fat, greasy neighbor all the time due to his guitar playing (At like, 7pm..) and I answer the door, smelling of my bong-loads, to three or more (since they have nothing better to do) cops.
  13. I'll admit that the game is pretty fun. But not so much that you have to constantly play it so you can beat it on "expert." Being an "Expert" on Guitar Hero is nothing to brag about, I have been playing electric for about 7 years and no game even comes close to actually being able to shred.

    My advice is to tell him to get some headphones or make a roommate agreement and show it to him with points listed: TV off after certain time, no sleeping til 2pm, headphones on after certain time, and then leave some extra space for him to add some stuff and get him to sign it. Anytime he gets going with too much guitar hero just whip out the agreement and turn it off for him.
  14. Go Pete Townshend on his ass and destroy his guitar... but get him a real guitar to make up for it.
  15. He plays bass. Well, he plays teh same 4 songs on the bass

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