Roomie wants to toke; worried about detox/DT

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  1. K, so my roommate is going to UWO here in Canada. He wants to smoke with me, but...

    He was born here in Canada, but moved all over the United States, and is currently a resident of the US.

    He fears that without a detox drink, he will show up positive for drug tests at the border when crossing back. I have tried to explain to him that they won't test him randomly unless they have suspicion to.

    He doesn't believe and thinks he will get fucked over if tested.

    So, GC? What should be done? He can't be tested right?
  2. hahah, yeah pretty sure youre right.
    testing every single person that crosses the border seems a little absurd.
  3. Drug test at the Canadian border.........?

    Tell him not to worry, I used to live 16 miles from the border and went there all the time
  4. Uh, since when does customs do drug tests on the millions of people crossing yearly?

    I've never even heard of that.
  5. Yeah I know that's why I was confused. I have never heard of that, and he's obviously not in the military.
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    I'm very sorry to hear your friend has fallen prey to the fear mongering of asshole conservatives. Since I assume you will have him read this I will address him now. ('ll call him Jerry)

    Hi Jerry. I used to be like you. Back in middle school I was scared shitless that if I smoked pot somehow the authorities would find out and I would end up in huge shit. Since you have expressed interest and have a friend who clearly is cool and wants to help you, that means you are at an awesome point in your life. You are about to learn a sweet secret.
    Millions of US citizens smoke pot! (By some poll's estimations damn near half the country has at least tried it!) Edit: It's no different in Canada.
    Everyone really is doing it!
    And drug tests? The only time you will ever be drug tested is in the following situations:
    1. You are on probation. (You are not going to magically end up on probation because you smoked pot once. No one will know unless you tell them)
    2. You apply for a job. (Here you will have plenty of warning)
    And even if someday you do apply for a job where you get tested drug tests are shitty really. It's expensive to run a good one, and even a good one can only tell if you've smoked in the last couple weeks under the best of circumstance. Against anyone who knows the myriad ways to fool them they are virtually useless. (And the good people here at GC would be more than happy to tell you how)
    I'm not trying to tell you to do it. That's up to you and you should do whatever makes you happy man. All I want you to know is that It's no big deal if you do.
    Happy Tokin. :bongin:
  7. It's unfair to blame marijuana fearmongering on Conservatives. That is ignorant. Leading conservative luminaries have been at the forefront of legalized marijuana for years and years. William F. Buckley among them.

    It's more about individuals having a poor understanding of what takes place at customs crossing stations. One of the things that doen't take place? Piss tests.
  8. Obviously I disagree, but this is hardly the place to have that out.
    For now the important part is that everyone agrees "Jerry" is in zero danger of a random drug test.
  9. Yes, he won't be tested. Even if they found THC in his system... so what?

    And you have to consent to a test, I think. Right?

  10. HOWEVER, if I were a border guard I would totally mess with people who look stoned and tell them they're going to get drug tested at the border.

    That would be a hilarious way to break the boredom.

    But that's the closest someone is ever coming to a drug test at the border.

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