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  1. So I'm high as fuck ranting at 3am about my room mate. First off he is gross, I'm a guy college student living in my own home so I know what gross is and can be, this isn't comparable. 
    First his dog, which has fleas, is shedding all of it's hair, a 40lb young lab mix. I mean I have to go barefoot or with shoes because my socks turn into fuzzy slippers. The hair is white and compared to my brown living room floor you can see massive dust bunnies everywhere, it's frightening. The fleas I don't even have to explain...
    Next he doesn't clean or do shit besides smoke. I'm messy too, but he is on another level. On top of this shit he comes home drunk from the bars tonight, throws up in a bowl on the living room table in front of 7 people, then knocks the bowl over and it spills everywhere. He stumbles out, pukes on the ground and passes out. 45 minutes later he comes stumbling back in, passes out on the couch, wakes up then spits and pukes off the couch into the floor then goes back to sleep. 
    My entire living room smells like puke and the only tv in my house is in this room.. I worked 32 hours this week on top of 15 hours of class. I don't need this shit. 
    What would you do in this situation? I've cleaned the house then it goes to all hell less than 4 days later. I can't eat because all the bowls are dirty in the dishes. Trash can gets full and overflows until I change it. My house is exactly like the house on Workahaulics, but more shit on the tables. 

  2. Well the only thing you can do is ask him to clean up behind himself. You might have to stop cleaning up behind him he probably knows you will clean it so he doesn't have a need to.
  3. Once upon a time, there was a roommate similar to what your describing. Clothes everywhere, the apartment looked like a crack house. The other roommate cleaned the place spotless, threw everything in the trash, clothes and all. They never saw the guy again. 
  4. Tell him to sort his shit out or fuck off, don't get walked over dude!
  5. Stop being this kids bitch. Damn
  6. Throw all his shit out and say you thought it was trash .
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    Go shit on his pillow.
    Or get really drunk and just piss in the middle of his room.
    OR BETTER YET. Get drunk and do both.
  8. fight him with your fists
  9. Kick him out and lemme move in I'm clean =D

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