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  1. well here I am again. First things first I FINALLY got the wife to give me the damn go ahead to use the Florida/sun room as my new grow room.

    How’d I do it you ask? I told her I was going to use 1 of the extra bedrooms upstairs. Gut it, make exhausting in the ceiling etc lol. She then Suggested to use the Florida room. Easy as taking candy from a baby :sneaky:. Did I con her? Sure but I had to do something.

    The room

    16x20 open flor plan. (Square)
    Equipped with central air as well as heat.
    Carpet flooring
    2 windows to work with.
    Has separate door to outside.

    I’d like to know what you guys would do with this big of a space. Because I have no fucking clue lol. But it’s mine now and I have to get started before she starts hoarding her shit(to her, prized possessions) back there and changes her mind. All you married guys or have a live in gf know what I mean.

    Should I run tents?

    Flood and drain?

    Doesn’t have to be a long detailed response like it’s your own personal project. I wouldn’t ask for that much of your time. But just a hey run xxxx with xxx..... that’ll suffice enough for me. And as things move along I’ll post pics and who ever wants to chime in can gladly do so.
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  2. If she is only giving you the one room, I'd think about tents if you want any of these options.

    -A seperate mom tent
    -A vegging/cloning chamber seperate from flowering
    -any semblance of a perpetual grow

    It's hard to tell you what to do without knowing more of what you would like to achieve. If you want to crop ever 4 weeks, we're talking multiple tents/chambers within that single larger room.
    If she'll let you put a tent somewhere else too, that changes things too, but I wouldn't push it lol!
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  3. Agreed. There are several different ways you could approach this. For instance....I ONLY run autos....therefore I only need one room....such as your case
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  4. I say qbs and tents all the way.

    Sounds like you have enough room for 2- 8x8 flower tents, and 2 - 4x4 veg tents with enough room for paths in between, though I don't know layout of windows etc.
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  5. I’m in the basement at the moment. Was in a tent. Then decided to go outside the tent. I feel I have better control of my environment inside a tent. But then I was thinking maybe Its just because I’m in the basement? The Florida room is basically the same temp/humidity as my home seeing as it’s attached and duct work runs through. I currently already have a 4x4 tent as well as a 5x10. So that’s a start. I also. Have 4) 1000 watt hps. I just don’t know if I should run basic lights from the ceiling with plants on the floor? Or 2 flowering tents running a scrog(never done a scrog but seems that’s the best way to utilize tents). So as you see I can veg in the basement and flower in the room. I’m just torn on grow style. And in tents or open floor plan. @PhenoMorph
  6. Yeah. I thought about running autos too. But I can’t keep the genes around. Only reason I stray away unfortunately. My life would be easier lol
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  7. I like what I’ve seen qbs do for sure. They exceed what I’d ever thought they’d do.
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  8. Aaaah ok.

    Here's what I'd do before anything.....jam all your shit in there so she has no room to put anything in there lol!

    "Sorry hon, you can't put that in there I need room for my jet ski"
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  9. Abso-fucking-lutely lol. Already on it
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  10. I decided to go with a 10x10 grow tent. Was going to do 2) 4x8 but opted out due to the fact I’d have to control 2 separate environments.

    1) 10x10 for flowering
    2) 4x4...1 for each strain.
    3)veg 4 foot 8 bulb T5 a piece.
    4) flower 4 1000 watt hps for the first run. Then I’ll swap out for QB lighting. Hlg 550x4.

    Sound good?
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  11. Good?

    So, a 1000 over each 5x5 square in the tent, eventually going to a HLG550 over each?

    Sounds pretty badass tbh lol! Good luck with it!
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  12. Hps has proven itself time and time again to be a good producer and penetration of the canopy. But qb has come a long way. Solid yields, solid trich production etc. I’d say it’s par with hps. Added bonus of cheaper to run, as well as less heat.

    That’s my plan as of now. I’ll probably order the tent, GH nutes, and a better ph/ppm meter Friday. I have 1 4x4 tent already. So I’ll grab another as well. I have 4 hps, carbon filter, and 2 High velocity fans for cooling. I’ll probably get a dehumidifier just to be on the safe side as well.

    Anything else anyone think I would need I may be over looking?

    And pics will be up once set up :sneaky:
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  13. Nice, can't wait to see it going!!
    Yeah you're gonna love quantum boards. I won't go back.

    HPS did the trick, I had many great grows. Fat buds, good times.

    But these just take so many of the headaches away. They pay for themselves in no time, bud wise and (lack of) stress wise.
  14. If you are still investigating what quantum board you're going to buy, you may want to look at I bought my quantum board from them and was very impressed with their customer service. I received my light 3 days after I ordered it too. They have the same lm301b diodes as hlg and even have the new lm301h diodes.
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  15. I’m not pro in the qb world lol. What do you think about hlg 550? Four of them in a 10x10
  16. I’m sure I won’t go back either lol. Can’t wait to get everything ordered, here, and set up. Now I have to find some strains to run. I’m scrapping all genetics I have atm.
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  17. If you are looking for suggestions, just ran Zombie Virus. I got two amazing moms from the 3 seeds I planted.
    Both are amazing. One makes me feel like I hit the genetic lottery. Some of the best smoke I've had in years.
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  18. I’ve heard good things about that strain. Just rummaging through the forum I kept reading about it. My buddy bought some wedding cake and found seeds. Gave em to me, so I popped them lol. It literally smelled like cake. So hopefully I get a female outta the deal.

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  19. That's one I am trying soon! I keep hearing about Wedding Cake

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