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  1. So, i'm thinking of upgrading a room (well a cupboard and tent ) from a CFL setup to HPS setup.

    What i had was 5 CFL bulbs, equating to 640w and a 5" fan/filter setup, all within a 80x80x160 tent and this was setup in a spare cupboard with little inward ventilation, except for under the door from the room in which it was situated but was ok temps wise. Was venting to the attic which will still be the case. This was working fine but wasn't getting the denseness i wanted, therefore i want to upgrade.

    What i want to get is 600w HPS with adequate digital, dimmable ballast, 8" cooltube, 8" variable speed fan with acoustic ducting. This will still be in the same cupboard, still venting to a new space and will still have limited intake for fresh air but does have some from the room it's in, as stated before.

    Will this setup be OK in your opinions or will it be too hot for a cupboard?? I would assume that an 8" suction process would be more than enough to draw off all that hot air and keep the tent within acceptable temps??

    All opinions welcome but obviously, if anybody has dealings with the same kind of predicament, your info would be most appreciated ;)
  2. when calculating your cfl wattage make sure to be using the actual wattage and not the equivalent. A 600w hps would be too much for that area. Too much heat and too much light. I think you would do better with a 250w or 400w hps at most....preferably one that can dim and run either wattage.
  3. What's 80x80 in feet?, I think a 600w hid would handle a 4x4 area well, 8" exhaust is nice, 6" will prolly work, but nothing wrong with over building a room, if you can manage an active intake it helps big time, I do under the door air from an air conditioned room, and need to leave the door to the room open in the summer, air in the room that the tent is in is always 66 degrees, temps in the tent are 78\81 while lights are on, that's with. A 6" fan vented outside running full blast
    That's 1100 true watts of led though
    Sorry, don't know of any of this helps you, but heat is a bitch sometimes,
    Vest off lyck

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