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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Hankrnot, May 12, 2008.

  1. :smoking: Hello good people of grass city. I am new to your community and hope to be a member for a long time. I have been a smoker for 25 years and in my experience the quality of product for sale has been on a severe downward slope while the price is rising like gasoline. So in my infinite wisdom I have decided to become a personal farmer. This is what has led me to my current problem. I used some left over lumber to build a really nice 3'x4' and 6' tall grow box and painted it with flat white killz paint. I went to the local hydro shop and bought a grow light and timer. When I put everything together It hit me what the hell am I gonna grow, Not the same garbage I've been buying. So I have been reading about seed banks. This is great thing but I have valuable ones and don't want them exposed to the authorities coming to find my farm after customs tips them off. So now in my paranoid state I have one hell of a set going unused and every day street shopping gets harder and scary. How can I get what I need and have it untraceable.
  2. Find a seed bank you like and pay in CASH. Cash is untraceable.
  3. Get a hold of drchronic dont order like 400 seeds and dont worry.
  4. I have been impressed with Mandala Seeds. The quality of the seeds is exceptional, the price is right, and there is stealth shipping available.
  5. Drive to Toronto and walk-in to Sacred Seeds if you are paranoid about mailing seeds to you. Detroit isnt too far from Toronto is it? If you do order them online, get them delivered somewhere else. Never have seeds delivered to the grow house.

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