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Room stinks of weed still

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by amarkey10, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Hey, so I smoked weed in my room about 2 days ago now with the window open and blowing it out. I got really high so some ash may have dropped on the floor but I think I got rid of most of it, basically my room smells of weed sorta but not like 100% but you can smell something funny when you walk in as my paretns have noticed, they asumme it's my vape but it's really not. Yesterday I left my window open full for about 2 hours and have had my window open threwout the past 2 days but still when you walk in you still smell something funny. This is really frustrating, at the moment my parents think it's my vape but if it is still lingering days later they may find out the truth.

    Anyone got any ideas why this could be happening or any tips? I also sprayed air fresher multiple times.
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  2. Get some shake and vac if you are in the UK, shake it on your floor and leave for atleast 10mins before hoovering up.
    Also try get a decent fabric freshener and spray it on your curtains if you have any.

    My friends usually burn inscent sticks I think they are called, it's a long stick you light the end of it and blow flame out leaving it to slowly burn down, it covers up the smell of weed very well :)

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  3. Fabric freshener and vacuume your floor
  4. Thanks for the advice dude and yeah I'm from the UK, and what do you mean by get some shake? Sorry I'm a noob haha, I'm planning to go to the shop tomorrow to buy some freshners and see if that stick thing you're on about is there
  5. Get some shake and vac and put the freshness back bro
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  6. What is shake though?

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  7. "Shake and vac" is the name of the product lol, it's usually in a green tube type thing, it's a powder that you shake/pour onto your floor (assuming you have a carpet). You leave it for a good 10mins then Hoover it up, it's a nice product and freshens up the room smell a lot

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  8. IMG_1842.JPG
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  9. Another idea which is a bit of a weird one is to cover the smell with something else, maybe by a microwave Indian meal or something, cook it and eat it in your room, leave the plate on side and wallah, your room smells like curry

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  10. Don't know how you managed that bullshit Billy but when I smoke and blow smoke out the window the smell is gone in less than an hour especially if a candle is burning near it.
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  11. Right problem is I don't have a carpet, it's floorboards since I just moved into a new house. Usually when I've done it in my room countless times before it's gone by morning but for some reason it's sticking this time

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  12. Yeah I tried smelly foods but once they smell goes it's back to that weird weed kinda smell

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  13. try burning matches or paper to get a campfirey smell in your room. usually once that smell is gone it takes the weed smell with it too, but thats just my personal experience idk whats up with your room
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  14. I'm by myself for a few hours tomorrow so will pop out to the shop and buy some stuff everyone suggested, hopefully it'll be gone - will update if it works

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  15. [​IMG]

    Shake and Vac looks like this, and I'm sure you'll find some decent fabric freshener - you can get it from most stores like tescos etc
  16. I always try to smoke outside, but when I don't the smell is gone in the morning usually. I just crack a window.
  17. Something tells me you're not french hahaha
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  18. Are you storing your weed in the same room? Chances could be that the container is not air tight or not properly closed.

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  19. There is a bag in the cupboard in my room but don't think it's that, I've opened it and it doesn't smell.
  20. There it is. I'm assuming there's weed in the bag?

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