Room Smells like Dirty Vagina

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  1. So my roommate has a big deal, so do I. The problem is he and his gf are not clean at all. I keep my part of the room spotless and his part can't be walked through. I didn't really trip about this because I can live with a mess. But he always sleeps with his gf and I kid you not every time I have walked into that room for the past week, the smell of dirty vag permeates throughout the room. Needless to say, this is the last straw. I don't know how anyone can let a room smell like anything except weed. This is ridiculous. :mad:
  2. Tell him, "Whenever your gf is over the room smells like dirty vag."
  3. Been there, done that. In less blunt way of course but still no results.
  4. That's pretty nasty man. I don't understand how people can live with themselves being dirty and smelly.

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  5. Maybe you should just be blunt with your roomie and tell him that his lady friend has a rotten crotch. Or take her to the side and tell her to freshen up.
    It's not worth it for you to grow mold in your nose because of her crab trap.
  6. [ame=]YouTube - Massengill Douche commercial on a boat with Cara Buono[/ame]
  7. ^^ HAHAHAHAHAHA that is the funniest shit i have ever seen. +rep :D:smoking::D
  8. ROFL. Superjoint tweeted the link to this thread, so glad I follow GC on twitter.

    I actually have a friend who has a girlfriend that is the exact same way. He used to live with two of my other friends and as SOON as his girl started spending days over there the apartment started to smell rotten as hell. She has now been dubbed "Tuna Pants" because I kid you not, if the bitch takes a piss in the bathroom it smells like rotten vagina. My advice, tell him to tell her to wash the muff or GTFO.

  9. gross. sorry man.


    tell that bitch to clean up her furburger
  10. Just send him a link to this thread, if he's smart he'll figure it out.
  11. Just constantly bitch until they move or clean up.
  12. that's nasty. that bitch needs to she fat? cuz i keep picturing her fat and sweaty.:confused_2:
  13. Some people are just stinky hippies.
  14. I had a girl who was a squirter, and lemme tell you, it smells worse than dirty vag ever could. Her car smelled like a combination of sex/wet dog/ and piss.

  15. *gag*
  16. lol that's pretty raunch man. I'd slap my girl and be like it smells like a dog cage in this bitch.
  17. You could always be nasty back. Some examples: Take shits and dont flush. Shave your pubes in the shower and leave them their. Jizz on the toilet seat. Sprinkle a hand full of sand over their bed every day. Just be annoying and dirty, they will leave.
  18. dude...

    uh...tell that dude to wash his ass. tell them both they stink.
    and to clean his side of the room cause that shit is unsanitary.

  19. Hahaha the upper decker. Shit in the top tank of the toilet so shit water comes out when he flushes.

    "and sometimes I pee in top of your toilet so when you flush more pee come out"

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