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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DuMontcole, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, i'm having a friend come over and my mom is gone till tomorrow night. when my mom is usually home we go out to this barn i have to toke up but it is not as relaxing as if we were to just sit down in my room and do it. I have never smoked in my house before so i was wondering if i smoke in my room can i mask it with my incense in time, or just hotbox this little bathroom i have:D, what do you guys usually do?

    P.S. This is gonna be a real life story in about two hours:)
  2. use a bowl/bong if possible. joints/blunts will smell 10 times more. if your bathroom has a window, make sure you blow it out of there and put the fan on. whichever you think can venilate better.
  3. thanks for the tip on the blunt cuz i was thinking about doing off to make a bong!:hello:
  4. If shes not gonna be home till tommorow night then you should be fine. I put a big box fan up in my window and my room is pretty aired out in a few minutes.
  5. man do the room. That shit will be so much more chill. Make a bong or something though.. it'll smell less than something that burns constantly like a joint or blunt.
  6. Dude if shes gone until tommorow night you can smoke in the kitchen if you want. The smell will be long gone when she gets back. If your paranoid, just open some windows overnight.

    I can seriously make my room not smell in 2 minutes.
    I think I'm going to make a thread about how to make it not smell
  7. ^^yeh plz do lol
  8. the smell of weed doesnt linger for very long, which is one great thing about the drug! just smoke a bong or bowl (as already mentioned), keep the door closed and the window open. maybe a fan to blow the smoke around so it doesnt linger in the room. Nothing should smell after like an hour or so.
  9. usually if i have a small session I burn very little incense. Bigger sessions i still only burn maybe half a stick. To much incense isnt cool imo, may get your house smelling funky. I only burn enough to cover the pot, I put it out before too much can be smelled through my room
  10. yea man smoke where ever its all good just buy some ozium or something like that do a lil spritz and open the windows your good in 2 minutes
  11. make a bong or smoke out of a bowl
    and do it in your room youll be fine
    and itll be worth it
    it could be very chill

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