Room for another plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by df47, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. 151BBB4E-D32E-453C-9522-21931C0DA771.jpeg ADA2A040-4404-4DA9-97CF-624B6CBC3999.jpeg I have a 120 x 60 x 150cm tent with a 450w LED viperspectra with 2 blueberrys underneath
    Do you think I would be pushing it with another plant? I figured it would be alright size wise due to them being autos and not growing overly massive but would I need to chuck my 300w light in for a third plant?
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  2. Yeah you have plenty of room, but adding more light if you can handle the extra heat is almost always a good idea. If you take your fan off it's stand and hang it from the ceiling you might find it beneficial
  3. Yeah that was the plan if I add another plant just haven’t figured out how to hang it just yet
    Do you have an idea on what the minimum wattage that would be ideal for 3 autos in that size tent? I would rather not add the 300w led but don’t think the 450w will cover all 3!

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  4. Not all LEDs have the same efficiency but the budget purple lights you probably want about 50-60 watts per square foot, but when it comes to more modern LEDs like the quantum boards you can get away with half that

    Always check the actual wattage with a wattage meter, especially with budget LEDs, because the figure stated in the model name is usually not what they use

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