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  1. I am having a home manufactured for me. I am having one of the walk-in closets in a spare bedroom made into a "darkroom". It will be 6' x 6', with a stainless steel sink and counter, two 2-outlet 100v, a drain in the floor and an exhaust fan on top.

    I am thinking about lining the walls with mirrors. Is this a good idea?

    Any suggestions on what I might be missing.

  2. I have been told no mirrors they can make hotspots and as far a the room just paint it bright white

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  3. Thank for the replies. I'll look for a bright white waterproof interior, and forget the mirror idea :)
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  4. don't ask the same fucking questions all over the place, we will get to them, no reason to spam
  5. I first asked the question in the Indoor Growing section, and then saw the Grow Room Design forum. Sorry for the repeats.

    Dr. Bud

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