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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dr Bud, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. I am having a home manufactured for me. I am having one of the walk-in closets in a spare bedroom made into a "darkroom". It will be 6' x 6', with a stainless steel sink and counter, two 2-outlet 100v, a drain in the floor and an exhaust fan on top.

    I am thinking about lining the walls with mirrors. Is this a good idea?

    Any suggestions on what I might be missing.

  2. Vent in the bottom to allow fresh air in, oscillating fan, and definately NO mirrors.
    good luck
  3. Thanks for the reply!
  4. use flat white paint, or try to find high gloss white paint.
  5. If you can find it use mylar.

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