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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by somwon2, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. I'm trying to put together a Hydroponics system. I have 2 / 8 unit kits with 3/600 watt lights. What I'm looking for are some photos of a setup like this, or similar ? Can anyone give me a URL, or maybe someone has such photos that can send them to me direct ?? Is this asking too much, or is this possible ?

    Thanks for any help on this....
  2. lemme check the archives here for a sec... i dont know what the hell ur talking about with the 2/8 but ill try... and the lights dont matter its how u use em that dose

    ........ nope i was lfooken and i have no idea how to suply you with a pic thatmeets the requirements because i dont know what that 2/8 was for ... clearify and ill get back to ya
  3. i think he means he has 2 different hydro units that hold 8 pots each.... just my guess...

    and i havent seen anything similar... or at least if i did, i dont rememeebr...
  4. thank ya much john ;)

    and somwon2 if u got something like this and 1800 watts of lights (HPS and MH hopefully) then i think your more than set.. u dont need to see pics.. hang the lights on adjustable chains or what have u center the plants and grow dat shit.. end of story

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  5. I appreciate the input, and the photo is what I have. Yes, I am talking about 2 - 8 pot set-ups... The photo posted is correct ( which I have ) what I'm looking for is an illustration of all 116 pots layed out using 3 lamps in a 10X10 room ??
  6. just keep the light intensity at least 35w/ sq. ft. and just kinda figure out where the pots go, keeping them all inside the circle of light from the lamp.... keeping intesity of 35- 50w sq. ft..
  7. I certainly do appreciate your input. Lighting was another concern I had. I just wanted to play around with this stuff, but as I began to assemble it all. I realized that it's not as simple as it seems. If I ever do get this to produce even a dandelion I'll be surprised.... lol

    Thanks again everyone

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