room 1.2m x1.2m x 1.8m 10 plants?

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    I am averaging 10-11oz per grow so just over an oz per plant. Is that good going or would I be better to have less plants and get the same results? ?

    What are your thoughts?

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  2. That is definately a lot of plants but more importantly, what do you have for lights? Imo, if you have enough light for all plants and keep the area below the canopy trimmed for air circulation, youre fine. As for how much your yeilding, its a matter of all the variables like soil/hydro, strains used, nutrients and how well youre using them, etc.. I personally get about the same as you per plant but a lot of people get way more due to experience and how much you can afford to dial in your plants  as well as some amount of exageration...I know ;)
    Dont listen to any crap about grams/watt cause thats a bunch of nonsense.
    Try different methods and see how you come out and decide what works best for you.
  3. It totally depends on your actual strain and all sorts of things.  If you have enough light for 10 plants @ 1oz each growing them like that, it seems reasonable you could train them differently and grow 6 plants @ 2oz each.  Maybe if you had fewer, shorter stems you're get denser colas and fewer small buds spread all down the stems, and you might yield more overall that way.
    You might even find that 8 plants get a bit more space and light or different training, and yield 1.4oz each which would put you about the same.
    What strain are they?  Have you ever tried growing them with more of a main cola?
  4. Thanks guys! I've been told it's critical mass. I'm running 600w. I started off with 9 and then tried my luck with 11 but found I had 6 plants that would go really well especially the 2 in the back corner. And the other 4 or 5 didn't yeld as much. 1 or 2 were quite poor. So might try 8.

    I know some people on here will cringe at the amount of plants per M lol
  5. I'm growing 10 in the same tent, with two 400w, and the only reason I am going it is because I had to either toss some plants or do them all.  Some are huge, some were barely clones, some are sharing a 40 litre grow sack between 3 plants, and it is crowded like yours is.  Every time I water them, putting them back is like a puzzle.
    I wouldn't choose to do so many again unless they were all much smaller and better trained for the job rather than being a haphazard collection.  It's given me lots of ideas on where I'm going next though, been an interesting experience.
  6. It's fine, never heard of a sea of green? I know people who'd put 16 or even 25 into a space like that. The key is a short veg, about 3 weeks is enough. Once they have 5 nodes, switch to 12/12.
    You're overall yield is more a product of light/space available than number of plants. You can spend a couple of months doing LST/scrog on 1 or 2 plants or just do it as above.
    Plants in the corners/edges might suffer because the light is at the minimum for that space. You only have about 37 watts/sqft, the sweet spot is 60-70 watts/sqft.

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