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  1. I'm just growing a few clones in great dirt and extra large containers in my back yard. They are flowering. But.... Leaves on them are turning yellow sparatically throughout?? Definitely not from over watering. Would under watering possible cause that? And I'm also curious about which sunlight is better for them? Morning or evening? Please help me and thank you
  2. Some yellowing of the inner leaves that dont receive much light is normal at this point. I wouldnt worry about it. Are you ph'ing your water? Also morning light is best.
  3. I have just been watering them with the water hose like I do the rest of my plants. I had to start watering them a lot more cuz they were droopy looking. Should I get a type of food or vitamin for them?
  4. Yes. I recomend fox farm big bloom and tiger bloom. You can get a quart of each for 15$ on ebay. Also you should invest in a digital ph meter and ph up and down. If the ph of your water is to high or low your plant will not be able to absorb nutrients properly even if you feed them. The yellowing leaves could be a nitrogen deficiency.
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  5. Droopy leaves could be a sign of over or under watering. How often do you water?
  6. Every other day
  7. Thats too often. Its best to water heavy and let the soil dry out completely before watering again. As a general rule you should give them 10% of your container size and its better to give to much than not enough. For an example my plants are in 30 gallon smart pots and i give them 4 gallons every four days.
  8. This is the first time I've ever had them close to me..... It is illegal to grow here in KY. I usually throw them out in the woods at about 2ft and hope for the best. But these are clones off of a good strain so I thought I'd give it a shot and save myself a few bucks. It's just my personal use cuz I'm a head and have been for 30+yrs. It's hard to be able to be around them without notice from neighbors to really "baby" them. Thank you so much for your advice
  9. Wow! I would never have even thought that. I need a lot more educating on the growing thing for sure!!
  10. No problem. Im in southeast ohio and its illegal here too. Maybe try to tend to them around 3 or 4 in the morning if possible.
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  11. Glad i could help. We were all beginers at one point. Ive been growing 15 years and still have a lot to learn. As with anything the more you research and practice the better youll become. Growweedeasy is a great site. Based mostly on indoor setups but theres a lot of valuable info there.
  12. I will start messing with them before I go to work. Thanks again
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  13. I have a question how big are these plant I relation to the pots they are in? My girls are drinking up 30 gallons a day. In the past when I grew in pots even in hundred gallon smart pots, about mid August through September I would have to water them two three times a day to keep them from dying. As I look around GC most common thing is drastic underwatering. Root root is an issue, but in general across all crops( minus a handful) standing water cause root rot not over watering. You would have to be constantly watering it for it to be an issue in an outside setting. If water is abundant the sunlight morning after noon doesn't matter at all more sunlight the better. My girls get light from about two hours after Dawn til dusk. If you want a crop that behaves like cannabis grow/learn about peach trees. Growing cannabis is like growing peaches in one year. Very similar training, growth requirements.

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  14. I have a few that are about 6ft. And a few just about a foot shorter. They are in 30 gallon tubs. They have been growing very fast the past week or so cuz we've been having a humidity heat wave here! They are dry every time I look at them. I was worried about them being over watered cuz of the yellow leaves.. but I know I've been under watering. I lost every plant last year before harvest from what; I have no idea. The stalks were hollowed out and looked like they died from the bottom inside all the way up. I didn't put them in the woods this year so I could keep an eye on them a little more. I'm in the country and it's super hard to keep the animals off of them. Apparently deer really like weed!
  15. Those are big plants in thirty gallons. I would bet you need to be watering them two three times a day. Slow and thorough. Leaves yellowing and dropping off after the plant wilts a few times is a drought avoidances strategy. Upside it uses a lot less water down side it makes a lot less sugar which makes smaller buds.
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  16. Dvm you need to keep in mind that she lives in kentucky. The humidity is usually high. Theres fog every night. And it usually rains at least once a week. Im guessing you live in cali or the southwest and growing conditions there are very different from the southeast.
  17. If deer are causing trouble try hanging some dryer sheets and those aluminum pie pans from metal posts or anyhing that theyll bang against when the wind blows.
  18. Shit..... I'll be happy with smaller buds lol!! It's just for me any way. I'll learn for next year tho!!!
  19. I dont know the fuck your talking about. Fog rain, these sound like words so stoner would make up. I have never seen those natural phenomenon, is it like the northern lights?
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  20. Can I use seven dust for bugs??

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