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  1. Hey everyone..I'm new here and this is my first ever time being in the forums, I plan on starting my first ever grow, been pondering on this thought for 3 years and I think it's time to put it into action but my main concern is getting the seeds online also that would be my first time doing so..I'm a bit worried tho but i looked online and seen a lot of good reception from gorilla seed bank and thinking about purchasing from them but I'm worried if I don't receive my seeds because I lost to how customs operate in GA, so please any knowledge and tips would greatly help me
  2. Im not real sure about gorilla but I live in the usa and had good luck with Nirvana. As long as you make sure you are getting stealthy shipping you should be fine.
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  3. The vault kicks ass, i'd recommend them any day. I always go to them first. Got a bunch of freebies from them too. Can't ask for a better group of people to do business with and they're associated with GC that doesn't hurt.
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  4. I've gone through attitude 3 different times. 2 of the times the original order was taken. When I sent them the email showing the green tape, they re-shipped my order and it was received. I paid the extra for the guarantee for this very reason. I've heard/read Gorilla is one of the better banks out there. Whenever I get around to placing my next order, it will be with them.

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  5. I've ordered through the Gorilla and the Vault, both are good, although the Vault has AMAZING customer service, and the Gorilla just dropped GC

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  6. Gorrilla is one ive only used . Been good so far and a lit of orders. Im in uk so not sure if that makes a difference. Sleathy u order and ya will be ok. Ive never been let down so far x
  7. I used gorilla very recently and had a great experience the customer service responded to my question on grasscity within an hour I paid the extra for stealth and got everything safely. I will probably only order with them since it was my first order and they took such good care of me and I got more in freebies than what I paid for! hope this helps.

  8. I'm growing Nirvana autos now, the autos were good and discreet delivery. But they gave me 10 freebies which I didn't care about, cause usually there not great seeds. Out of 10 2 popped paper towel method. Did my autos had a 100%. Next time I'm gonna try the Vault cause if take ur seeds like (customs) I've heard they will send again. Not sure if it's true just what I heard on here? I've heard about Gorilla to and heard they have good customer service.
    Good Luck

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  9. So far with paper towel method all my autos from gorilla popped so I would definitely give them a try.

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  10. gorillas great, reliable and quality
  11. Not trying to scare you, I ordered from herbies about a week ago and my order came Saturday. There was a rip in the package literally exposing the seeds. Ordered the stealth option as well, so much for that. Regardless though my seeds made it to me and through customs. Although the exposed package was sent to the wrong appartment first!!! But hey they look like quality seeds although they have basically scared me into not growing.

    Ordered from and the packaging was very stealthy except he first 2 seeds I tried to germinate did not pop. Also the seeds did not look like they were of good quality. I have heard good things about nirvana so I suggest trying them although I can't speak from personal experience.
  12. thedankteam, the vault, rockymountainseedbank, seedvaultofca (holistic nursery)...gorilla is good if you can get free shipping
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