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  1. Got a sack of my friend of a supposed strand of girl scout cookies. It smoked amazing but it had a ton of seeds. I found about 30 in 6grams. I saved all the seeds in a container.

    I took 1 and germinated it using the paper towel method. After 2 days a root started growing. I planted it in a red solo cup and put it under 1 warm 27w 2150L cfl amd 1 soft 14w 900L cfl.

    I'm new to this I'll upload picks of the set up as soon as I figure it out.. just looking to see if I'm on the right track. It's only been 3 days and I'm very excited about my first grow!!
  2. This is it the 3rd day... not quite sure if it looks good or not but I'm hoping to get some kind of yield my first go around (if it's female).

    Any suggestions from the more seasoned growers are welcomed.. thx guys

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  3. I was thinking about growing 4 or 5 plants after this trial run haha how many lights do you think will be needed for the veg period?
  4. yea for veg I use 4x 42 watt 5600k cfl bulbs. So far so good.
    General rule is 100 watts for 1st plant, 50 watts for an additional plant. 
  5. Be careful, and check for male parts during flower! Every time I have grown a bag seed it has turned up a hermi (if it gives any sign of female parts for that matter). I'd get on attitude and order legit seeds next grow!
    Bag seed is definitely a good way to learn the ropes of growing though.
    Also, I noticed your first picture is a snapchat picture. BIG RED FLAGS. 
    Biggest rule, and I mean BIGGEST rule... DO NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT YOUR GROW. That goes for girlfriends, family, best friends... Tell NOBODY! That is a sure way you will get caught.
  6. alright man will do I appreciate the tips! Just used the snapchat to show one of my buddies. But how do I go about checking for male/female parts?
  7. Anyone who's remotely interested in my first grow experience I will be trying to post info and pics daily and would love feedback to get the hang of growing! Thx good peoplez!
  8. Day 4.. got this lil guy under about 40W and 3000L CFLs. I plan on getting more bulbs this weekend. So far I'm pleased that I was actually able to make it this far. Not sure how healthy this thing is but it's a start.

    I'm a little concerned with the pink stem.. Normal? And I accidentally dropped a hot bulb on it yesterday. I'm afraid it may have burned it (ROOKIE MISTAKE). But I do have many more seeds to try again if this one withers away. What do you guys think?

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  9. Stem looks good to me man.

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  10. Make that the last snap you show him! hopefully he will forget lol. When you switch the photoperiod to 12/12, it will either show male or female parts. males have balls, females have pistils (white hairs). If it shows balls and pistils, its a hermie.
  11. Hey guys here's a lil update on my first and very low budget attempt at growing. Here's a pic of my makeshift set up... I'm low on cash at the moment so I haven't been able to invest in the best bulbs, clamps, mylar and things of that nature but I'm making due with what I have

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  12. Suggestions? Tips? Advice????????

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