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  1. OK what's up, this will be my third attempt to grow... Other two times not so great... This time I'm hoping with some help I can get a real yield.
    So let's start...indoor grow in a dresser approximately 2'x3', I have 18760 lumens total output of mixed spectrum cfl lighting total wattage 286, passive intake with a fan blowing up on the lights and two exhaust fans mounted in the back of the cabinet blowing 164cfm each, I'm just doin the free seed that came with the order this run its an Afghani, I'm growing with aero ( or aero/dwc) or bubbler whatever it is I have a bucket with a submersible pump and then I have small micro sprinklers...not fog I know but the roots go crazy, I have the lights on at 17/7 now due to conflicting time schedules but o figure an hour can't hurt right? My sprinklers are set to go on every 30 min and off every 30 minutes... Haven't sprung for the better timer, I have an air pump mounted on the exterior of the cabinet and feeds a 4" airstone in the bottom of the bucket, I'm just using treated water for now but the nutes I will be using will be GH flora.

    I'm 6 days in I try and take daily readings and spend some time so I will update as often as possible

    Day 2
    PH 6.3
    RH 42% Hi 56% Low 23%

    Day 3
    PH 6.5
    Rh 31,68,30

    Day 4
    PH 5.6
    Rh 40,64,30

    Day 5
    PH 6.0
    Rh 36,56,32

    Day 6
    PH 6.3
    Rh 36,52,32

    I feel like I can't keep pH on point days 4&5 I had to adjust the levels down and today on day 6 its rising again. A little h202 maybe?

    Any advice please and thanks

    Oh ya I don't know if this has any importance but I don't put the seed into any kind of soil or rockwool or those cubes... None of that I just put the seed in the lava rock and it transfers enough water..

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