Rookie Cops

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Styles P, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Gotta tell this story... usually every weekend me and my 2 boys go cop a 10 sac roll up 2 blunts, smoke in my 4 door accord, freestyle rap, and then go party and shit....... well this weekend something different happened...... we did our usual except we were saving a blunt for later..... so we were driving to this party about 30 mins from my house after smoking and eating....... we decided why wait spark up the blunt right now.... so we roll up the windows and spark that shit up....... by the time we are done with the blunt we are about a block away from the party (we roll the fat ass blunts so they burn slow) as we are about 10 houses down the street from the party i get a phone call saying "get the fuck out of the area the party was a cocaine party and the police are everywhere pulling every1 over" so we pull a quick u turn and get the fuck out...... now i forgot to mention that my 4 door accord is my new car so i still have my temporary plate on it.... so we roll down the windows and toss out the roach of the blunt , plus the other 5 roaches we were saving and the bag of weed, our empty cases of garcia vegas. and everything else taht could be associated with weed.... so as soon as we get about 5 blocks away we recognize a police officer behind us.. before i knew it i got pulled over.... the only thing was i was driving the speed limit and was not swerving... a little confused i showed the officer my id and all that shit and he lets me know that my licence plate is EXPIRED by 3 DAYS!!!!! now he goes back to his car and i have basically shit my pants becuase i know my car reeeks of weed (we juss smoked 2 blunts int he car). to my luck though the rookie ass cop comes back and lets me go with no ticket and says drive home safely..... WOW am i glad that there are rookie cops out there that do not know the smell of weed!!!!
  2. lol, getting pulled over while youre stoned is scary as hell isnt it!?!
  3. hell yea it was but me and my boys joke about it now.... like shit that damn rookie cop didnt know what he had.... (i had an ounce and scales and shit in the car) so it was scary as shit cuz i thought i was doin 10 to 15 but it ended up nothing thanks to them rookies.... as long as florida keeps spending money on police more rookie cops keep comin..... gotta love it...... but i would rather it be legal :( and luckily i found out that u can have up to 20 grams in florida and its still a misdemeanor :) so gotta cut my Oz's short by 8 grams lol
  4. yeah just always carry around 19 grams. also. get one of those digital scales that looks like a palm pilot so cops wont find it.

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