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  1. hi there, ive lurked the forums and site for awhile and smoked for several years, up until this point i have used glass pipes, cheap bubs and home made toke tools (i got pretty creative and had a fun time)

    but ive decided i would like to have a decent (note, decent nothing high end but a good smoke) bong, the head shops in my area are BAD news for bongs so i refuse to buy one locally, so that leave me with one option, online, this site looks pretty good and i dont mind paying a bit extra for shipping.

    so after a good couple hours of looking i have picked out

    Linear Pre-Cooler with removable diffuser adapter - 18.8 - English -

    Percolator Bong Ice - 'Black Leaf' blue with grip holes - English -

    these look fairly decent and meet my basic requirements, any word on these? this is about the price range i would like to stay in, nothing huge, so whats your word on it? good buy for a decent smoke? or should i go another direction?

    thanks for any help guys
  2. Not my personal style if I was looking in that range, but that's definitely not a bad setup for the price.

  3. ah good to hear some positivity right off, glad to know i didnt start out totally in the wrong direction ^^
  4. well its about time for me to head to work, but hopefully by tonight i can get some more imput on this, thanks to anyone who posts i look forward to reading what you have to say tonight.
  5. Not sure what you're style is but i'm going for something around a foot tall but good quality with the ability to add on more stuff. I go for the scientific looking pieces not the sporty ones with skulls and fire.

    I like this.

    It makes me feel like i'm doing science when i'm smoking. :D

  6. Is that the HVY mini-beaker? Sweet piece, thats exactly my style right there haha.
  7. Those are not decent pieces at all.
    For that tube and ashcatcher with shipping your looking at around $100.

    Definitly go in a different direction!!! Quickly.

    That HVY beaker is a good choice, but I believe is closer to $50.

    You want a simple, solid, foundation setup.
    Do not get a tube taller then 18", ever.

    For $60 shipped I got a really nice GonG mini bong from Etsy(check out my thread in toking tools).

    Any ashcatcher under $100 is suspicious.
    Start out with a simple setup: a clear tube with a diffused downstem and nice slide. You can always add in an ashcatcher later or even try out different downstems and slides.

    Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.
  8. Correct, the beaker is 55 dollars on ALT but its useful to consider how far you can take another 50 bucks.

    After a few days of constant research and learning i also found out that going for simple solid and foundational so that you can expand to make your basic bong better is the way to go.
  9. lol sporty or cheesy? what is the correct classification for the "fashionable" colors/labels? (prices for the following 2 incl. shipping)
    [​IMG]+[​IMG]= $65
    [​IMG]+[​IMG]= $85

    [​IMG] = $42
    [​IMG] = $25
    [​IMG] = $13
    [​IMG]= $12
  10. allright thanks for the replies guys, just know i didnt pick it for the skulls or fire at all (i could do without to be honest) but i can see your point of the sturdy base thing, thanks to everyone who replied, time to go looking
  11. I really want a new bong :(
  12. Yea go for a solid clear tube, 12-18", at least 5mm thick, with a diffused downstem and slide.
  13. I'm looking at the same piece. For the price it seems amazing. I personally dig the bullet holes, and I like that it's two feet. I already have a eleven inch bong, and it gets the job done but I'm looking to go to the next level. So my question is, why are you guys suggesting staying away from this one? Is it because the original poster is looking for a basic set up, personal preference, or is the piece inferior to other pieces you can get in that price range. And just to make it clear, I am looking to create a monster bong. Anyway, any suggestions based on my criteria will help a lot.
  14. i agree that you shouldn't get anything over 18". also i just got a mini beaker HVY. thing is solid and hits pretty smooth. mine isn't even diffused.
  15. People summed it up mostly already. But you want something small, simple, but effective and good quality. Get a nice thick glass maybe around a foot tall. And I would save getting an ash catcher because nice ones are going to be 150+
  16. thanks for all the advice everyone, be picking out new stuff ehre soon, one question though, why is it so important to have a $100+ a/c?
  17. I am currently waiting for the same ash catcher
  18. it's not. $100+ ensure [insert gc high-end fwapper/sensimillaplease rant here]teh welds are uber l33t, shape/thickness consistant, and most importantly it looks really shiny in HD, i mean its stronger [/rant]

  19. well that does make more sense.

    would it still be bad to get a cheap a/c for the simple purpose of keeping my bong cleaner? i really do dispise cleaning bongs so even if its a low quality/cheap a/c i figured it would serve its purpose
  20. [​IMG]+[​IMG]+[​IMG]=[​IMG]

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