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  1. dear fellow stoners,dealers,and growers i am planning on growing some weed, but didnt want to grow inside but couldnt fina spot outside, so i decided i was gonna grow on the roof of my house. Think of all these advanatges.

    -Noweone can smell or see your plant!
    -no hungry or menocing animals!
    -Bright radiant sunlight!
    -eazy acces.

    although if you dont have the perfect roof, then this wont work!
  2. In some situations, rooftop growing is a good method. Be aware, however, that by nature rooftop plants must be in pots, which will require more watering than a plant growing in the ground. You say you have easy access so this may not be a problem. More importantly, though, be aware that plants on rooftops will be more visible to the "eyes in the skies". LEO know that most people don't grow decorative plants on their roof.
  3. I grow on my rooftop terrace, have been for a long time now. Last year I got 50 ounces of dried bud from 4 plants. I have a water tap up there, which is important.

    Go for it. And loads of people DO grow decorative plants on their roof gardens. I have no problem here in liberal Spain, but decorative plants growing with your ladies may help give them camouflage if this is needed.
  4. 50 ounces from 4 plants is a pretty good harvest. Congratulations. What size pots do you use?

    I probably should have noted that my comments regarding LEO's were directed to those in the very non-liberal USA. If you live in an area where LEO surveillance is not an issue, then frequent watering will be your only potential issue.
  5. i figure birds might be a problem though, right?
  6. Never had any kind of problem with birds whatever. Not sure what you might be thinking about, as birds don´t eat green plants.

    I used 7.5 UKgallon buckets last year. Going to 11 gallons this year, but don´t think I can go much bigger than that. Bigger the roots, the bigger the shoots.
  7. You'll definitely be pleased with the 11 gallon buckets. I once grew a 7 footer in a 10 US gallon bucket, but mostly use 5 US gallons. Unfortunately, it was a male grown from seed and was chopped upon the emergence of balls.

    Incidentally, I also grow on an rooftop terrace, though I presumed that the thread starter was speaking of growing on the roof of a single-family house, which is a less popular garden location.
  8. Thanks for that, I hope I do well with 11 UKgallon buckets.

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