Roof Top Growers Thread

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by JuicyJBB, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. This is the thread to discuss roof top growing. Discuss!
  2. Well I grow on my roof, the ladies love it up there.
  3. i got a snowcap chillin on the roof....she also loves it up there shes growin like 2-3 inches a day
  4. nobody worries about cops flying overhead?
  5. just put a few other random plants around it and any flying pigs wont see shit, or sit up there with an rpg
  6. Not here.
  7. i live in cali and its not really illegal to smoke or grow as long as you only have a couple plants.

    i got 3 plants on my roof.
    they get sun all day with no shade. its perfect.
  8. I wonder what happened to that guy with the plant in his gutter.
  9. ya i just have like 2 other plants up there that blend in with the trees so no cannabis is seen....hell ya.....oh ya but i would recommend putting a fake plant up there for cover cause its a bitch going up and watering the other non mary j plants ya know

  10. Probably did not get much beyond a seedling - it was growing on dead leaves and dirt that had accumulated there - leafmould is a good compost, but there probably wasn´t enough of it to support a plant of any size.
  11. My MJ sit on the secluded side of my roof terrace, where nobody can see them - I am just keen to keep them out of view of the local pond life. The other part of my roof terrace has my shed (drying room) and my collection of cacti (including peyote).

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