ROO mini steamroller *pics*

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  1. sup blades? i just recently ordered a ROOЯ german diffuser off line and its great. as i was ordering i decided to get a nice little tag along. a ROOЯ mini steamroller. this thing is a crafty little piece . just a simple straight tube with a nice fitting bowl and 2 nubs for grip. gets the job done:smoking:

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  2. Nice, how much?

    Do they have bigger ones available?
  3. this guy was 12 bucks. i ordered a mini. they have small medium and large as well. if they did send me the mini and not the small, than its about 6 inches in length
  4. nice clean steamroller, would love to have that.
  5. Steamrollers destroy me :devious:
    Can we see a milkshot? :wave:
  6. I concur a milk shot would surely rock
  7. Seconded! (or would it be thirded...)

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