Ron Pauls next Money Bomb

Discussion in 'Politics' started by purple grapes, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. This is a crucial time for us. If you google news search Ron Paul, all of the articles will try and tell you he's broke and out of the race. They all claim his delegate hijacking strategies have failed and he has no more support.

    If you've been following the delegate nomination, this simply isn't true. He may very well win Iowa, Missouri, and Washington in terms of delegates when its all said and done. Not to mention he has a chance in other states like Maine, NV, Minnesota, etc to pick up all of the delegates.

    I am pledging 200$ I don't have to the campaign this friday. I'll somehow scrap together that money.

    Take the pledge here:
    Give Me Liberty! *** March 23 ***

    Let's make this day historic and show the media Ron Paul isn't out yet.
  2. I've given RP all the money I can spare atm and I'm not giving him a cent more until he promises he'll run as an independent or a Libertarian if he doesn't get the GOP nomination.
  3. Just give another 25 he needs it.

    He is doing well in delegates, so there is no point in him running as an independent. If your so concerned about that get over to Americans Elect and vote for Ron Paul.

    The money bomb is important, the money will go to Texas and California.
  4. I read an article saying CA might be the deciding state. I hope that is true because then Paul will spend a lot of time here and I can go seem him speak. I am so getting written up at work for promoting Paul.
  5. Doing what I can in LA

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