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  1. Let me start out by saying that I am no way educated in politics so this thread was not created for the purpose of debate. The only way I can really defend his position is to say I know a little bit about human psychology... But who the fuck doesn't it's kind of important y'know.

    Anyway I just watched a couple of videos I have never seen before of Ron Paul and it really motivated me to start taking politics more seriously.

    I guess it was the notion of hope that really got to me.

    He seems so willing to avidly defend his set of beliefs that he will run for a party that he really has no place in... at least in the minds of everyone else in the party. He seems to dislike politics for many of the same reasons I do and I love it. I suppose it shouldn't be hard for him to sound noble when getting constantly poked at by everybody in an entire room so I'll be doing a lot more research on the man. But If this country... well if this world is about personal liberty and freedom of choice he just makes more sense to me than all those other republican chodes :smoke:

    quick lil high rant... >.>
  2. I was you 3 years ago, and since then I've been educating myself non stop. Almost everything I thought I knew was a lie.

    Ron Paul cured my apathy.
  3. Welcome to the ever present political moment my friend!:wave: You probably feel inspired right now and if you do continue to dig into the issues at the core of pauls campaign your going to end up a political connoisseur, and a pissed off one at that.

    Look up "Network mad as hell" on youtube. Youll probably enjoy it.
  4. Rule #1: Always remember, the cake is a lie.

    Seriously though. Read. Everything. Primary source documents are best. Read everything from the founding fathers. If you want a list of recommended reading to start with, many here will be glad to provide it.
  5. Aaron's right. Once your eyes are opened, there's an infinite amount of knowledge to be learned. Keep searching and don't ever go back to being apathetic! Just watch out for those of us who have had their eyes closed from birth.
  6. truthfully i think marijuana opened my eyes(when it came to government lies)

    but i found ron paul along the way and hes a pretty cool dude :)

    RP - 2012 elections
  7. I too was fairly liberal until I learned of Dr. Paul. My values and goals of universal love and perpetual worldwide happiness haven't changed; the way to achieve them did.
  8. For a second I thought you were going to say you thought Ron Paul was an idiot.

    Imagine my disappointment when you didn't.

    Open your eyes to Ron Paul? You guys must be on some serious stuff lately, holy shit.
  9. BTW, isn't the cool thing these days to be on RAND Paul's nuts?
  10. There are somethings, only a couple, in which i agree with Paul, like marijuana reforms, revocation of the patriot act to name a few. He has other positions which i completely despise, particularity his position on the economy.

    Yet, i can't help but think that Paul is a little bit of a hypocritical libertarian. On the one hand, he suggests the governments role should be molded through a Benthamite perspective (maximizing pleasure minimizing pain) and claims that he abhors government intervention on (almost) any level.

    However on the other hand, when it comes to social issues he doesn't mind the government in the people's beds and in a women's uterus. His position on gay marriage has been inconsistent to say the least and he is vehemently opposed to a women's right to choose...
  11. Lol..

    Saw this again the other night...:D
    Ron Paul is well known in Europe from his starring role in Bruno...:hello:

    [ame=]YouTube - Ron Paul & Sasha Baron Cohen (Bruno)[/ame]
  12. Ron Paul is opposed (on a moral level) to gay marriage, but he doesn't legislate his own morality. The only morality he favors legislating, is a pro-life position. He's by no means perfect, but he's as close to perfection we have in Congress.
  13. Rand Paul (I love Ronny and his son) winning in Kentucky gave me hope for the future.
  14. No, he's just a confused ideologist. He and his kid talk a big game but when it gets down to it, they're both cowards who can't stand behind what they say.
  15. I'm going to reserve judgment on Rand, because he's new to politics, but can you please point to evidence where Ron Paul 'talk(s) a big game' but 'when it gets down to it' he's a 'coward' and can't 'stand behind what (he) say(s)'?

    Or, are you just pulling this all out of your rear?

    :eek:OMG!! we can agree on something:cool:

    thats two in a row ...stop it your freaking me out
  17. You sound like a really high class choad. Care to back up any of that nonsense you're talking by explaining exactly why you dislike Ron Paul?
  18. Ron paul is the last hope for this country
  19. Have you been watching the news lately?

    It went like this; Rand Paul stated he believes a key pieces of the Civil Rights Act should have been excluded - the part that makes it illegal for a business to turn someone away due to the color of their skin, gender, religion, etc.

    Then, after receiving a great deal of heat for said comments, he tried to backtrack but was totally unwilling to say whether or not he supported that piece of the act.

    Finally, after it became clear how poorly received his positions were, he agreed with all portions of the Civil Rights Act.

  20. :wave:

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