Ron Paul stand a chance

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    he is not a liberal.. he is a strict constitutionalist.

    there are more reasons than just his views on the drug war that make him the best candidate

    his views on limiting the government and taxes. he would work to bring back the value of the dollar. Cut billions of dollars being spent on healthcare, war, drug war, etc. most important are his views on foreign policy and how he presents the logic in why we are in the situation we're in today with terrorism and how we may have avoided events like 9/11 with a different foreign policy..

    i have never been as interested in politics until ron paul has come to my attention.. he can really make a change.
  2. Ask yourself, if gold does not back dollar why does Fort Knox exist? I mean really, we say that the U.S. has the largest gold reserve in the world, and at the same time Ben Bernanke says that gold is not money. If that is case why the hell does the government not sell the gold reserves to help pay off the debt?

    Possible solutions:
    a - gold is not there to sell.
    b - gold is still backing the dollar.
    c - we just like to have a lot of gold hanging around because it give the guys at fort knox a job. You know job creation.
  3. Well, the gold reserve is just a part of Fort Knox, they also have all kinds of shit in there, from other nations too. I think at one point there was some royal jewels, a mummy, etc. Not to mention weapon stockpiles, etc. Fort Knox is huuuge, I used to play baseball there and they have more fields than my little league did.

    Maybe our gov't is saving our gold because they realize they fucked up and don't want to lose it, or because most people still think the dollar is backed by it, and they don't want to sell it and let everyone know we have no backing to the dollar.

    Anyways, I'm not exactly fond of using gold as a form of currency or backing for it, because gold is pretty useless for any application minus radiation protection.
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    tell your parents Ron Paul wants to END THE FED.Then tell them to search Rothchilds on youtube... and the alexjones channel.
  5. You guys are all dumb, you think 1 person is going to make a difference ? Fuck that's what everyone was sayin before Obama , even IF he is chosen to b president (I don't believe our vote counts and it's all a charade) he will probably b assassinated for going against the federal reserve , we haven't had a president assassinated in a while, we're long over due.

    Either way it don't matter , the people don't actually choose its leader, big business will elect whoever is most beneficial to them, we are in America after all...
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    Ron Paul Booed at CNN - Tea Party Debate - YouTube good video expressing further views that i support and beleive, sorry USA but we ARE at fault. Im not un-american i love this country and want it to continue, if we keep saying people attack us because we are free, were a buncha fuggin idiots and well more than likely be wiped out flat. ISLAM is not the enemy. and the 10 years of bombs shit, i dont think hes reffering to that being the cause of 9/11 but the potential cause for further destruction due to what we chose to do, occupy a whole country for one man and a radical group? sorry but we have occupied the middle east/ iraq afghanastan and the likes there of for 10 years now under questionable pretenses and its a known fact that PROPAGANDA is used for supporting the govt and its descisions not just to place a taboo on an idea.

  7. he is actually not liberal at all. he just appeals to many liberals on modern issues.

    he is actually a classical conservative.
    conservative =less federal government involvement and stronger state government

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