Ron Paul should start his own political party

Discussion in 'General' started by bigred420, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Since Ron is such a different style canidate than anyother that we have seen before, he should petition to make a new party or re-empliment the Whig party. Ron Paul agrees with alot of what the republican party used to stand for but then agian you could say the same that he agrees with some of the former democratic party, I think instead of forcing a canidate that is popular among the people such as Ron to allow him to make a new party and run in that.
  2. What exactly would be the difference between this new party and the Libertarian Party?
  3. well how about put a constitutional party onto the ticket, I know the libertarians believe in that but Ron is not a true libertarian, he's stuck in limbo.
  4. There is already a Constitution Party

    And how is he not a true Libertarian?
  5. he supports stiffer immigration laws, to my mind, the freedom to choose where you live and the right to move to a freer and more prosperous society are is one of the most important of all libertarian principles. Openness to immigration is one of the most admirable aspects of America, and thats one thing Ron does not agree on that I disagree with him on that issue.
  6. Wouldn't matter anyways. The Government is going to put whoever in office they want. And the American people (sheeple), still won't vote for him. Unfortunately.
  7. Yea The Government picks who they want. Too bad Ron Paul is just too badass. @the guy above me killer fucking Tool sig.
  8. Immigration is a very controversial topic for libertarians, so it's hard to say that someone isn't a libertarian based on their immigration views. Ron Paul has voted for more visas to go to skilled immigrant workers, so he definitely isn't "against' immigration, but he believes in strong immigration laws.
  9. Ron Paul has a political party- it's called the republican party. He's more republican then most of the republicans in office.

    He is NOT a libertarian.
  10. Thanks, welcome to the City!

  11. Are you suggesting we allow illegal aliens to benefit from the welfare state, an obvious insult to the immigrants who came here legally?

    The influx of illegal immigration is bad for our social programs and inflates the labor supply, lowering wages.

    Ron Paul proposes that we remove amnesty for illegal aliens, the primary incentive of coming to America. He's tough on illegal immigration, not legal.
  12. All I am saying is, at one time or another someone in your family was an immigrant and more than likely, they didn't go through the guide lines that the immgrants nowadays go through. Why should it be any different nowadays?

  13. The economic, political and cultural system was very different 100 years ago. Our ancestors didn't come expecting positive rights, only the right to live free. The difference today is we have a nanny state.

    I'm not sure how hard it is to get immigration rights. A wait, some $, and a history test is all I thought it was. We could adjust our immigration acceptance policies as our economy sees fit.
  14. Ever seen the movie Gangs of New York, alot of people thought the Irish were lower than dogs at one time because they were from another country, and alot of people could say that they were a burden on the country, given the stereotype that they were a bunch of no-good drunken thugs. People are going to move to where they can provide for there families and themselves, I'm pretty sure that the mexican immigrants, the ones that people have been complaining about, have actually done more to boost the economy in the last couple of years than put a burden on it.
  15. Ron Paul should revolt.
    Against himself?
  16. It is possible to run as an independent. You don't need to align yourself with any party...

    Not that it matters. The big two parties will always control the government because they are in the pocket of corporations and the media. They work together to make sure there are no alternative choices. Thus why you never see the media cover third parties, and debates only include the Republican and Democratic candidates.
  17. Im somewhat of a supporter of Ron Paul. I think he has some really good ideas, but some of his other ideas are far too radical. This type of extremism will never flourish in contemporary america, which is why we will never see the man close to a seat in office.

  18. Contemporary America isn't doing so well...

    What about the constitution do you see as too radical?
  19. Paul needs to make himself more flexible, instead of damning people who do not agree with his party.

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