Ron Paul rips NRA plan for officers in every school

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  1. Always trust on Ron Paul to be battling the liberals and the neocons political opportunism at the same time.
  2. I think he's probably just battling for relevance at this point.

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  4. Kind of like you...oh've done nothing compared to him and never will have the opportunity to be considered "battling for revelance"
  5. relavance?
    confused as to what you mean, but maybe im just motarded lol - not taking it as saying he's irrelevant as the damn NINJAS! did yet lol
    i knew there was something i dont like about the NRA when my gpa told me to join em yesterday, just couldnt pull up a specific off the top of my head (had to say it while were openin presents too lol)

    well now i got this and the quote thats something along the lines of "for every 1000 that hack at the limbs of tyranny, there is 1 seeking to destroy its roots" and working for gun rights is hacking the limbs imo, one should, instead, do all they can to promote liberty, thereby hacking at the roots of tyranny where it grows, in the soil of misunderstanding and fear
  6. NRA says to hell with the Constitution

  7. astutely stated ocean's green, I agree %100
  8. I was under the impression that the NRA was advocating for gun safety classes.. not guard classes! Shit. Why do they all need to be so extreme?

    Can't hurt.
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    I mean, every highschool has a liaison officer.

    The highschools in metropolitan atlanta sometimes already have more than one officer on duty. They also do drug searches where they will stop a class in the middle of a lesson to conduct a drug search where dogs will come in and smell everyone's backpacks

    doesnt matter if you got aspirin, a dull pocket knife, or a dime bag of bud - you're gunna go to jail

    administrators "are permitted" to walk around the parking lots of schools and "peek" into the vehicles for "preventive measures" against violence (AKA Look for lighters, cigarettes, pocket knifes) - Then call the police officer, who obviously is going to be asked to A) break in the car, or B) Get the child from classroom, bring him/her outside to basically say "Your rights are void on this campus, you have to let us search your car" (This has happened hundreds if not thousands of times) ...The schools even admit your rights go out the door once you enter the campus.

    It's really fucking sad and interesting because its at a young age children are affected most mentally & have the ability to learn..they are kept in these schools - packed to the gills (sometimes more than 40 to a classroom with a max of 20-25) seven hours a day and five days a week. It's the BREEDING grounds for Complacency. I've seen it with my own eyes.

    they dont teach students civil liberties, personal freedom. They pronounce government interventionism as a holy sacrament, divine right of the Federal Guvment. They teach obedience and collectivism, the teachers are becoming more and more second rate for the general population high schools around the nation. They teach that you have strict rules and regulations to live your life by, AKA respect the administrators, do what they say, or else they'll take your cell phone and go through it themselves with the police officer present. If you have ANYTHING, A text, phone call, a picture, video, background, browsing history - they will pin you for it. Anything. IE: Friend got in trouble after getting phone taken up for having a photograph of his girlfriend in her bikini. They tried pinning him for child pornography.

    The kind of people they hire for these metro-high schools are authoritarian.

  10. Ugh this brings back bad memories. I got pulled out of class average 3 times a schoolyear. This one kid who reported me got a 50$ chipolte gift card and weekend pass to busch gardens. I didn't get caught with anything but they knew my friends and suspected they would be dirty and pulled their asses to. He had a small bag with kief/dust in the bag and got a charge. It was in his car to under the seat. Just by word of mouth and guilty by association can get you kicked out of school.

    I never ever got caught, I was just always vocal of marijuana prohibition laws. Which is why I was under the radar in the first place. English teacher gave us a platform to speak on current laws passed and present in the form of oral presentation and I used it to inspire others in my class to speak out on it as such.
  11. I myself nearly agreed with the NRA but then I realized that its just an attempt to push more conservative minded people into what is "seemingly" the opposite direction but really is exactly what they want.
  12. Me too.
  13. I just want to point out to you that being under the radar means you're not on the radar... Meaning you're not being watched.

    Other than that, I found your post to be quite interesting.
  14. Police departments here are doing gun buyback programs, starting at 75 bucks for handguns, assault rifles going for the hundreds...fucking crazy....
  15. Ron is right again. If only he were president..... Sigh.
  16. The head of the NRA had it right though. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.
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    On that he at least was right. What ron said doesn't mean a teacher or a principle shouldn't be allowed to conceal carry.

  18. Your photo response was gone by the time I got back. Sorry.

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