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  1. I recently sent an email to Ron Paul, who may be running for president in '08, after hearing from someone he supports MM, heres the response i got:

    Dear Mr. Meyers:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact my office regarding marijuana. As a medical doctor, I have a particular interest in this issue. Please be assured, I will oppose any and all attempts to use federal power to prevent the people of any state from adopting laws legalizing the use of medical marijuana. I also oppose the use of federal funds to finance the "drug war," and particularly the outrageous attacks on those who use marijuana for medical reasons.

    I think it is important to emphasize that the federal government has no constitutional authority to intervene in or regulate the medical or drug industries. Moreover, the federal government is prohibited by the Constitution (via the ninth and tenth amendments) from meddling in doctor/patient relationships. With that understanding, I can certainly agree that medical marijuana researchers and drug companies alike should receive "equal and fair treatment" from the federal government. Additionally, I would agree that there should be no federal ban on medical studies. This is why I am an original cosponsor of the States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act, which restores the ability to make decisions about medical marijuana to the states. I have also cosponsored and voted for the Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment to the Commerce, Justice, and State Appropriations Act that would defund federal prosecutions that violate the medical marijuana laws that states have enacted.

    In recent years, our federal government has abandoned individual liberty and states' rights in the name of a federal "war on drugs." However, constitutionally, there are only three federal crimes. These are treason against the United States, piracy on the high seas, and counterfeiting. The federal government's role in law enforcement must be limited to these constitutionally federal crimes and should certainly not extend to the doctor's office.

    I will continue my attempts to educate my colleagues that ours is a federal government of limited powers, restricted by the United States Constitution and the too-often-forgotten Bill of Rights. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns on this most important issue with me.


    Ron Paul


  2. haha nice, that's really cool that you got a letter back like that. i bet it was just something like pre-written though :\

    we need more of these guys in office
  3. Hell yeah I'll vote for him!
  4. would have my vote!!
  5. I don't think it was pre written personally and I agree with what he said in the message but if you know enough about him is there any way he would be able to appeal to more than just some stoners in a forum. Like what would make an average middle age person who doesnt smoke weed put their vote towards this guy, that is if he decides to run.

    Even If he doesn't win hopefully he'd be able to get some publicity on the real facts of marijuana and that it can have very beneficial effects for people. So people don't have the idea that it's like on the same level as heroin or even cocaine (I know not everybody thinks that but im sure there are some that do.)
  6. it's gonna be tough for him to get the nomination, i think. Even if he does, he's a republican, so he ain't gonna win shit anyway. america's tired of a "republican" government. thanks, G.W. I found it interesting, when reading about this new real ID act, that our boy ron paul was one of only 3 republicans to vote against the bill. Dude's got his head on straight. he'd definitely get my vote. Plus, he's from Texas
  7. i love ron paul. i discovered him through alex jones. he seems like a really cool dude. he's run as a republican and a libertarian. out of all of the potential presidential candidates (including both republican and democrat) i feel that he is by far the best choice. he is a believer in the alternative 9/11 theories, he opposes the new world order, he opposes the attempt to turn america into a police state, and he is also a supporter of decriminalization.
  8. +rep for the post, and taking the time to email someone of that status about medical marijuana
  9. Yet another reason I will be voting and campaigning for Ron Paul.

    I hope you don't mind me posting this letter on some other forums, I know some people that would be glad to know his position on MM.

  10. I've worked at the Massachusetts State House, and one of my jobs was to respond to letters like the one you sent this guy. Every response I wrote was edited and revised at least three times to water down the language being used. Print out the final version and leave it on [in my case] the Representative's desk and he'll sign it at the end of the day.

  11. Ron Paul is the ideal republican. Conservative yet liberal. The fact that he is a doctor says alot also. America run by a modern day scientist, would definatly be interesting.
  12. I think Ron Paul is a little bit too informed; he knows to much and lives to talk about it. I think he's playing the American public like a fiddle.

    Ron Paul is the next president of the United States. He will seem to be the best president that ever entered office, everybody will love him; just like they loved Hitler. The bafoon of GWB just prepared Paul's throne.
  13. alright

    1. i dont think he would have the time to perssonally write back a response that big, most likey some sort of guy that gets paid to do it.


    2. by the first sentence it sounds like your email passed a word filter and got auto responded

    sorry i just hate ron paul

    KECINICH (sorry if im mispelling)
  14. I really wish people would take a look at peoples core values, see them for who they are and try to get an idea of their politics. I'm not saying Ron Paul is a bad guy, but i'm hearing a lot of people say they want him in for two reasons. He will get us out of Iraq, and he will "legalize it." Our nation faces many many more problems than Iraq and "legalizing" it. What i'm trying to get at is voting for someone based on the sole fact he(or I guess she) is gonna legalize something without looking at what other values he represents is stupid.

    This is exactly what i'm talking about. Look at whoever your gonna vote fors voting history, look at their stance on some topics that interest you. They can bullshit you all they want - but if your aware of their history and know a little more about the individual you might not get brainwashed. Go out and research more than what Fox News and Myspace tells you.

  15. i dont think i'd use the fact that he's from texas to his advantage...based on previous experience with texans

    though it could be strategery

  16. If i'm not too stoned on voting day, i'll probably vote for him

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