Ron Paul on CNN American Morning yesterday

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 420420420, May 28, 2009.

  1. [ame=""]YouTube - Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 5/27/09[/ame]

    Great interview
  2. A true man of the people who knows what hes talking about and can speak without using a scripted speech or telepromters 24/7. If only people could have seen through the bullshit of the election.
  3. So, when inflation doesn't hit 50% and the recession ends before 2015 he will be completely discredited, right?
  4. Yup, pretty much.
  5. the media discredits him when he's correct, so he's used to it i'm sure.
  6. he's the only politician i actually believe, the rest of them just stick to their party politics to get re-ellected,

    too bad
  7. Good thing he is more than an apocalpytic harbinger for the American economy, and is also a powerful legislative force for the possession of up to 100g of Cannabis legally, one of the few lawmakers who is aware, or at least cares, about the destructive Federal Reserve, and has the highest level of education of most the political candidates.

    If he is discredited for a inaccurate theory on the economic recession, then shouldn't all the politicians and economists who said that we aren't even in a recession be discreditd as well?

    No. Because no one has a fucking clue what they are talking about, at least, in respects to the economy, that is.

    And who will bring an end to the recession anyway? Certainly not president Obamade-of-fucking-money. I'm not willing to wait 6 more years to get ourselves out of the position we are in.
  8. yeah those bills # are
    H.R.1207- federal reserve transparency act
    H.R.1866-industrial hemp farming act of 2009
    H.R.5842-legalize 100 grams of cannabis
  9. Thanks man, I was gonna look them up, but then I was like "fuck it". I dunno why.

    I'm stoned. lol
  10. yeah, i've been calling louisiana and texas congressmen for the past couple months asking them to co-sponsor hr1207, they've been quite receptive, all but two of my states congressmen have co-sponsered, and i've been calling their offices tying up their phone line till they do

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