Ron Paul: Obama May be Worse Than Bush

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CannabisInCanada, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - TIME Magazine Interviews: Ron Paul[/ame]
  2. God Damn I hope this man is our president in 2012. A true champion of liberty.
  3. he's so fuckin cool..i actually dont think he lies much.

  4. Keyword. Much.
  5. Then stick up for him when others laugh and say he's a kook. I do. Get to know the facts and where he stands and tell people that the "man" is afraid of him (he'd probably get assasinated because he'd make waves) because they can't control him. He may not be perfect, who is? He might not agree with everything you do...who does? Really does? Most politicians have a different speech and are on different sides or at least on the fence depending on the crowd, where they're speaking.

    Here's your chance people... Anyone but a Rep/Dem...
  6. voted for and only 5% of ohioians
  7. Ive met Dr. Paul, hes a nice, genuine person who truely believes in what he says.

    That being said, why do you guys hang on every word the guy says? Its like you think hes a prophet, when really, hes just the modern day Barry Goldwater.

    Id have more respect for him if he wasnt a Republican.

  8. Totally agree. Especially with the last part.

    I agree that he truly believes in what he says, and a lot of what he says is probably true.

    But he's still a politician, for fucks sake.
  9. if anyone in modern day politics is a prophet, it's Ron Paul
  10. Haha... I managed about 45 seconds of this drivel.....

    Here's a politician blaming the federal reserve for everything!?

    It's soo pathetic.. how can you be taken in by this bullcrap????

    Seize the wealth and use for all! If you can't get your politicians to actually change anything why vote for them???

    Best of luck....

  11. Sounds funny coming from someone who basically worships Obama. Oh yeah, but he's a Democrat, I see. :rolleyes:
  12. word. if he actually got some media coverage, he would sweep the elections. politician or not, he seems like a good man, and he has my vote in 2012
  13. It would be nice if he could run on a Libertarian ticket but nobody can win the presidency running as a libertarian. The system is rigged and there's no way to change it. Ron got my vote last time and he'll get my vote again.
  14. Penelope and Dickie, true Republicans are not George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and John McCain. True Republicans want less government involvement in our day-to-day lives and want to do away with big spending and foreign wars. So instead of saying you'd have more respect for him if he wasn't a Republican, say that you're happy to see that true Republicans are not dead.
  15. Paul ran republican to get coverage. Republican is just a word...
  16. Its not he falls under any mainline republican category, I would put him in the third party 'progressive libertarian' which is the only party that can turn this country around.:)
  17. Dr. Paul is awesome. I wish they would have asked him more about Obama or a 2012 run than the question about fucking Bruno. But the last question was great. Obama is worse than Bush in pretty much every single way if you ask me.
    Where's Rand Paul at? I'd like to hear more from him.
  18. He's by no means infallible, his comments on the swine flu epidemic seemed a bit naive to me. That said I wanted him to win the election when he was still in it.
  19. Basically worship Obama? Because i dont think hes the worst president ever? Have you seen how many times i disagree with him? So dont even start sayin i ride Obama's dick.

    And Democrats are spineless pussies.

  20. Prophet
    5.\ta person regarded as, or claiming to be, an inspired teacher or leader.
    6.\ta person who foretells or predicts what is to come
    7.\ta spokesperson of some doctrine, cause, or movement.

    Yup, he's a prophet. Just like Goldwater.

    And I'd call Paul a modern day Robert Taft, with the focus on anti-interventionism and economics.

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