Ron Paul = Jesus Freak??

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    [ame=""]All Ron Paul's Policies Come From - "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?" - YouTube[/ame]

    ron paul believes that Jesus supports giving power to the extremists!. in other words, dr. ron paul is off his rocker. how can you vote for this loon??

  2. Yes, Ron Paul is a religious fanatic. But hey.....CONSTITUTION!!!! LIBERTY!!!! STATES RIGHTS!!!! GOLD!!!!!!

    So yeah. You're wrong.
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    guess what.. ron paul also believes people can worship Allah!! he has stated he supports freedom of religion in middle eastern countries where radical muslims rule. he is a whore!!!

    what a hypocrite
  4. if your gonna call him a freak of something its a constitution freak

  5. freak (v) - react or behave in a wild and irrational way, typically because of the effects of extreme emotion, mental illness, and drugs

    i believe all the above apply to ron pauls' Jesus fetish. way too many pyschedelics contributed to Dr. Paul unstability.
  6. You mean he bases his views around the guy who thought we should treat one another the way we want to be treated?

    What a fucking lunatic.

    1) A thing or occurrence that is markedly unusual or irregular

    The freak voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act

    2) An abnormally formed organism, especially a person or animal regarded as a curiosity or monstrosity

    The freak has shifty eyes characteristic of reptilian.

    3) An eccentric or nonconformist person, especially a member of a counterculture.

    Ron Paul is king of the freaks and supports the belief of a false deity.
  8. We need to allow religious institutions to get tax payer subsidies from school vouchers to promote anti-science creationist quackery to their eager students. That will fix our education problems
  9. I support Jesus' philosophy and I'm not religious.

    What teaching of Jesus do you guys disagree with?

  10. I disagree with the golden rule, the existence of a god or gods, the holy trinity, divine retribution, the devil, angels, miracles, heaven, hell, saints, prophesies, saviors, sacraments, prayer, original and other sin, baptism, immaculate conception, converting water into wine, vicarious atonement, and just about everything else that this mythical figure represented.

    Ron Paul, though, seems to agree with all of the above. :wave:
  11. You know whats funny, I could say the same about government classrooms as well. Have you taken an Economics course in highschool? Keyensian dribble. History classes? Distorted and full of shit. Math classes? Lackluster and far behind. Can you name one GOOD class that taught shit worth a damn in the public education system? I know I cant and I lived in an okay-to-do neighboorhood with a good school.

    I have learned more from GOOGLE, than I ever have in a fricken' class room, gov or religious both be thrice damned.

    I would rather have private schools that I could go to that would teach WHAT I want them to teach, because hey, its what I pay for. If a business doesn't like the dimploma that I have if I try to get hired then, guess what, that is THEIR right to do so.

    If someone wants to send their kid to a school that teaches that bigfoot is real, then I suppose that is their choice. Who am I to say "you cant do that because Im right; your wrong?" Seems almost akin to hubris to me.

    Issue is: you cant regulate stupidity. Perhaps you should let people be free to do what they want(almost like we should be free or something)? I guess freedom is bad in some peoples minds. Perhaps just dismantling the idea of federal education and let the states do what they want? Then the semantics of the argument dissappear because there would be 50 places to choose from and the constitution could be allowed to work.....(IMO)
  12. are there any republicans or democrats running that arent christian?
  13. I don't care if people want to send their kids to a religious school - I went to several myself for 10 years, but not primarily at the taxpayers expense, and this is the way is should remain. If the government wants to give the religious schools bus and train passes for the students, medical help, etc, like they do for the public schools, that's fine - but no tuition vouchers.
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    by keynesian dribble, I guess you mean basic macro econ, present in any economics course throughout the world. But you've failed to mention other neoclassical and monetarist economics are both involved in the core curriculum as well. I guess that anything which pertains to modern monetary policy is "keynesian dribble"
    Yes, they never say the founding fathers owned slaves, yet the gulf of tonkin false flag is a bolded vocabulary word
    Yes, low standard mathematics in highschool is comparable to creationism
    I'm not denying public education needs a reform, I'm saying psuedoscience will do more harm than good for the populace

    me too, but we aren't everyone
    And it's their right to give you a diploma after you shovel them the money

    Like I said, public schools need reformation and we need to distance ourselves from a one-size-fits-all policy. This still doesn't justify creationism and bunk science taught in schools

    Sure, they can do that, but it shouldn't be under an entity assigned as an official educational agency. It should be "Big foot camp", not professional education for a child who needs such education to find a job. No, the child doesn't know better

    Sorry, I don't support the freedom of organizations labeled as schools to teach creationism, especially when they're getting taxpayer rebates from vouchers. Like I said, I have no problem of "Big Foot summer camp", but as far as schooling goes- hand that over to the scholars and the scientists, not the clergy and the pious.

    And yes, UK has banned all creationist schools. Stupidity effectively regulated

  15. You disagree with treating other people as you wish to be treated??? What is your policy then? Someone says hi to you so you punch them in the face?:confused:

  16. I consider most of those listed concepts traits of the religion itself, which goes far beyond Jesus. Most of what we know about him is probably made up as well, but I still think the historical Jesus was a chill dude.

    Why do you disagree with the golden rule?
  17. Can I just say I agree completely, putting aside the old testament and the ending books of the new testament :wave:

  18. you should keep an eye on what they teach kids in school nowadays. Freedom is not always free.

    [ame=]Islamist Indoctrination of Children With Antisemitism - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=]Muslim Mickey Mouse Teaches Children to Kill Jews - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=]Hamas 'Mickey Mouse' Killed by 'Terrorist' Jews - YouTube[/ame]
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    After he lost the nomination for president in 2008, Ron Paul supported Chuck Baldwin, an old supporter of his, and the presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, a crackpot ultra-religious political party that members of the religious right have denounced.

    This is from a website of the American Constitution Party, which I believe is the same thing, and they also mention Ron Paul, and his support for Chuck Baldwin in 2008, in another section.

    Is this what he supports for our country, a bible-thumping, backwards reactionary? Is he the same way? We must assume that he is, until he denies it and not before.
  20. And I am a space pirate?:confused:

    [ame=]Space Pirates Alice Cooper - YouTube[/ame]

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