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Ron Paul is a clown

Discussion in 'Politics' started by craigd89, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. We have a serious lack of available jobs in this country, people are taking whatever employment they can get.

    Most people do not want to work for somebody else, much lesss for minimum wage, but it's the only way to survive in many cases.

  2. this is apologism. i lost a job that i hated because i told my boss that it was unreasonable to expect 35.00 an hour work for 17.00 an hour. he tried to get tough with me and i walked....in the middle of a 75,000+$ project. i think he ended up getting sued for not hitting contractual deadlines, at the very least he took a bath on the project, lost another employee in the process and had to train 3 people to replace me...hope he learned his lesson, but i doubt it

    i was out of work for exactly 8 days, would have been 4 but i needed some time off. i had 3 jobs to choose from, and when i turned down the 25.00 an hour job for the 38.00 an hour job, i got a call back with a higher number. did i mention that i am a college dropout and i hate unions?? ;)

    if you are out of work for longer than a month you aren't looking
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    Did you read the chapter by Mises or are you just looking at the supply & demand graph?

  4. Really? SO we'd have cities congested with an influx of uneducated agricultural works flooding cheap labor into our budding manufacturering cities? Are you high? I sure hope so, I am. And this shows that you don't understand the development of China and you don't understand what stage they are at, versus what stage the US is at. We have educated masses, well we did up until the 60's anyway. We don't have an economy dependent on millions of worker bees toiling in factories, like China. We did in the 1870's but we have progressed a little since then.
  5. Garrison is a proud 99er.

    Capitalist greed is irrelevant when there is competition of employment. The greedy capitalist will never get quality employees if he's an asshole.
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    I'm not sure you know how many people would take your job at 17/hour even if it is worth 35/hour, myself included.

    My first job I make a little higher than minimum wage, my second job is Arizona minimum wage. This is all I can get. You said this is what I deserve so I must have done something bad to deserve it.
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    It doesn't matter who would take your job at what price. It's what should you get paid for the quality of your work. That's it.
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    Yeah, but especially in this economic times people take what they can get because they need the money.
  9. No, because America is not over populated.
  10. And how has the minimum wage affected our economy in a positive way? The U.S. used to supply it's uneducated people with manufacturing jobs. These jobs have been outsourced, and won't come back no matter how many subsidies the government gives out. Now people without skills are forced to get on government assistance. Who's ready for change?

  11. meeeee
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    assuming they are left with a choice.
    assuming they don't need food or shelter for the night.
    assuming the state wouldn't force you to work.
    assuming LEO won't pick up the vagrants without jobs, homes, money, and toss them into prisons, as a source of free labor for the state...

    people working in slave labor pools,
    never able to earn more,
    not able to get an education,
    not able to get an education for their kids...

    seeing how an education cost, slaves not making enough to pay for it and no bank will loan to a slave or the slaves parents, as the slaves don't earn enough to pay back said loans, you create a perpetual pool of cheap, ignorant, uneducated labor...rinse-repeat

    some fat assed wealthy CEOs/Boards/owners are laughing and hoping your ideal will come about...
    never having to pay the slave labor enough to get out of being slaves, and dooming their kids to being slaves...oh it's a dream for many of the corrupt scum leeching our lifeblood right now...and YOU want to help them...

    slaves wages taxed to help keep them down (can't tax the wealthy, they own the government), taxation without representation

    is that your dream?

    college kiddies read books, discuss theory, and think they know how things do/will work....yet they ignore history, and omit greed, corruption, and out right inhumane treatment of the workers by the wealthy-class....because those things don't sound nice and cuddly, don't give them hope....(ever hear the phrase, "ignorance is bliss"?)

    Some College kiddies (not all, some fell for the student loan trap...and become educated slaves) need to get out in the real world, stop leeching off mommy and daddy, work for their education, food, shelter, healthcare, walk in other peoples shoes, live in a poor persons life, for a year or so...then speak about how we can trust the wealthy and their lapdogs in government to 'provide for the slave labor pool'

    Concepts and theories on economics (and the work force that makes a country prosper) all have one huge flaw...they ignore greed, corruption, and ASSUME those that have something to lose, or be prevented from gaining, will play by the rules...not buy votes, not bribe, not LIE CHEAT AND STEAL from the honest people...i.e..reality combined with your blissful ignorance is part of the problem, not a cure.
  13. Why send jerbs back here when you can pay people $0.10 an hour over there?

    Also, people have a choice to work for little money? Sure, but that doesn't mean they have a livable wage. You know, food and shelter...
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    ^So what's your solution to our fucked up state of affairs?

    Edit: asking cball

  15. i never said that you did something bad...don't know you, but i presume that you didn't. but "deserve" doesn't mean you did something bad. if all you are going to work for is min. wage then you deserve it. if you have skills demand top dollar for them, if you don't have skills...do what it takes to get them. if you have skills that your boss wont pay top dollar for...find someone who will. if there are no jobs that will pay you what you are worth where you live...move to where there are.

    on a related note: if you can read a tape measure half assed and swing a hammer without hurting yourself there are a lot of jobs in ND...had bad floods, whole houses need to be refinished and rebuilt, lot of jobs in the oil fields too. that with a low population= inadequate labor pool. if i was out of work i would think ND.
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    If we removed the minimum wage think about all the business that would be brought back to our country. It would stimulate the economy quite a bit. Anyways I think Ron Paul is our best bet because he's honest and he will stabilize our economy, although I disagree with some of his other views, I believe he is the only good candidate there is currently and it's sad that our media monopoly controlling peoples minds won't even give him the time of day lol
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi-D24oCa10&feature=related]Milton Friedman: Why soaking the rich won't work. - YouTube[/ame]

  18. Actually they rely on greed. Everyone wants to out due the other.

    Already posted, but figured it needed another look
    Do We Really Need a Minimum Wage? - Charlie Virgo - Mises Daily

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