Ron Paul (Future Conspiracy Theory)

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  1. Alright before I begin, this thread is assuming that Ron Paul wins the presidency and is able to select a competent Vice President.

    Lets say that RP starts making real change and upsets people with considerable power and influence. What if he just "Passes away" in his sleep one night. The man is 75 years old as it is. Any promised changes suddenly go up in flames as the VP takes over and is bought out by corporate interests and business as usual continues.

  2. Very likely that RP would not see the end to his 4 years whether through "natural" or unnatural causes.

    Get in, get busy living, get busy dying!

  3. I love RP so much. I wish we could all move to a break away state and start a new Republican.

    The system is so hijacked and corrupt that is beyond repair. Not even Ron Paul can fix this American fubar.

    The really bad news is that its not just the US. As the America goes so goes Canada, the UK and Australia. We are all boned.

    You have to have respect for RP. He's never been to Bohemian Grove. Gingrich has been there plenty.

    [ame=""]Bohemian Grove Mystery - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Well your R.Paul conspiracy is better than mine (in the sense that I hope yours happens and not mine).

    In my mind, I didn't see him making it to Jan 2013... that is if the December 2012 date has a negative impact; that negative impact being the assassination of R.Paul after he gets elected, and before he ever steps in the White House.
  5. Ron paul actually gets up and excercises every morning (according to his words) he also actively rides bikes



    i'd say hes healthy
  6. While I fully support Ron, I hope you all realize that he would bring about the Greatest Depression within his first term. The current regime is doing the same thing but would prefer to trigger it through inflation so they can blame the people rather than the gov.

    Buy your canned food, seeds, water, guns, ammo, and armor now
  7. i dont think itll be that drastic

  8. As much as i hope your right, the one bane to him turning around and doing it right is gonna be that it hurts the economy. I think it will hurt pretty badly too. Thankfully when a depression hits hard, it works itself out faster.

    The short sided see only this and panic, not understanding the strength we will have after.
  9. Well I look at it like this..

    Youre in a car in the grand canyon going 65mph and your brakes all of a sudden give out, would you rather jump out - sustain minor/major injuries - and live, or would you continue to buckle in, to go over the edge & hope for the best?
  10. I love that pic of RP in his white polo...

  11. Read a book every so often

  12. as opposed to inactively riding bikes :p
  13. Okay guys these what if scenarios with Ron Paul are getting a little old. What if Ron Paul is really an alien or worse... an illegal alien?
  14. I heard he's from kenya.
  15. Ron Paul is a reptilian sent to confuse the confused.

  16. If we had President Paul the American media would treat that man like he was Iran / Palin / Nixon all in one before he even took the oath of office.

    They would truly light their heads on fire and blow smoke out their asses.

    Letterman's top ten would be RP every night.

    If Ron Paul were to somehow get elected I'm very sure it would be in the libertarian party as the Republican insiders and the media will derail him somehow.
  17. When I said "Passes away" I meant poisoned.
  18. He needs the Paul-mobile

  19. yeah I'm single

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