Ron Paul for President!

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  1. I hope this guy is legit because for the first time ever I agree with a politician! Who do you wanna be president?

    [ame=]YouTube - Ron Paul on Hardball - May 13th[/ame]
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    Chris mathews is so full of shit he must have trouble looking at himself in the mirror. Focus on his facial expressions when he asks his ludicrous questions. He doesn't believe a word he's saying. Or he's an idiot.

    Edit: Vote Ron Paul in 2012. He's been arguing for what our government is finally starting to figure out for 12 terms. He's decades ahead of these mainstream republicans and democrats.
  3. Not only that, but Chris Mathews actually said 'total freedom doesn't work' :laughing:
  4. Ron Paul is the shit. He can turn America around no doubt.
  5. i have a bad feeling that all we'll have left of Ron are these videos and his books soon. He'll go down in history for sure, but under two different views. one view, as portrayed but those in power now, that hes an old man libertarian, who cares too much about citizens and not enough about the country as a whole,

    then he'll be remembered as a freedom fighter who has worked so hard to expose corruption and misinformation, and as a realist who knows that the citizens are the life blood of any country and not the politicians.

    i think ron paul will be dead before the 2012 elections and his story will last a day on the news, with his death, reported as complications to health due to his age, aka, assassinated by the gov/illuminati.

    whenever this country or another experiences a man or woman, who can speak confidently, and clearly against the policies in place, and the rampant corruption thats occuring, they most often die within several years of their gain in popularity.
  6. Ron Paul ftw... First time I will vote in 2012 and all because he is running!

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