Romulan Haze 2 weeks

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  1. hey guys, first time growr here, and i would like some input on my plant, anything is appreciated, thanks.



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  2. dont think id keep that plug just laying on the aluminum foil like that. possible arc issue. chance of fire. something i would avoid but you can do whatever you want.
  3. thanks for the input, i will move it and make it safer.

    any input on the plant itself?
  4. plant looks pretty healthy to me...only 2 weeks? what kind of lighting setup do you have and how far away?
  5. thanks for replying i relle want to make this good.

    may be a little less than 2 weeks...

    an hps 400 and i belive about 18in away.... it seems very healthy but i honestly know almost nothing about growing. any other help people, i want the romulan X super silver haze to be amazing...

  6. no prob hope to help in anyway i can
    it is to my understanding that you can veg for months. if your plant is showing signs of pre flower, it is ready to be flowerd but you dont have to...the longer you veg, and the longer you flower the more yeild youll have...
    people also say veg your plant untill it is a third of the size you want it to be then flower...but if its only been a 2 weeks id say veg for a lil longer, especially if its 100% sativa
  7. absolutely beautiful,that is some healthy happy looking lady,
  8. yea, i they are almost 2 weeks into flowering, strain says it should take 10-12
    gott be patient i think... medium is amazon bloom, and nuts is schultz 10 15 10 i think, just went with what i had.... and it vegged a while, not sure,, its big though, begged under a MH. any other help is greatly appreciated, thanks fellas.

  9. na your right i got this thread confused with another one, but can't really remember lol.

    but yea it looks great n how often are you watering?
  10. Thanks again, and ixi is not my name, those are dumb decorations. I am Joo.

    we have been watering everytime the soil is dry
    but prob 2 to 3 times a day maybe.... so i should def get a 1-3-2? and how often should i put them in. how tall do you think it will be when its done? also, dry for like 3 weeks? or what cure for how long? im sure my roomates and i wont be able to resist to try it
    but i want it to be as tasty as possible,

    Thanks everyone, and please keep them comin, i want this shit to be bomb. :D

  11. any other input?

  12. I think I just shit my pants. That is a beautiful plant.
  13. well i like that reaction :hello::D

  14. bump bump, bump it up

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