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    Hey everybody! Welcome to my Romulan journal. Hope you enjoy your stay..:love-mj2:

    She is a polyhyrbid family heirloom. Her smells and tastes consist of Pine, Skunk, Spicy-Pepper, Earthy, Hash, Dank, and a very slight, almost-citrus-funk. She is extremely pungent, and you can smell this girl from the back 40 when she is up front near the house. Very, very potent high. When pulled at around 56 days, she present a perfect hybrid high with no anxiety. Clear headed, sativa like stone, that allows for long conversations and quick thinking. If you pull her around 9-10 weeks she hits like damned mack truck.. and will knock out the light smokers of the world. Many people who have tried her, that prefer to smoke only dabs, have reported back and in person that she hits just like a heavy dab and is some of the strongest herb they have ever smoked.

    Romulan - Fresh back from the lab, and tissue culturing.
    IMG_0001 (2).JPG
    Here she is around day 45-60 in Veg., ready for the flip soon..
    Here she is at 2 weeks bloom..
    4 weeks bloom..
    About 5 weeks or so..
    Romulan (23).JPG
    At 6 weeks..
    IMG_0010 (2).JPG
    Another shot from around 6 to 6.5 weeks..
    6-4 Romulan (1).JPG

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  2. Here she is at around 7 weeks of bloom..
    6-4 Romulan (11).JPG
    And some shots from around 8 weeks bloom..
    Romulan 6-14 (15).JPG
    Romulan 6-14 (10).JPG
    And here are some photos from 9 weeks..
    Romulan 60 days-1.JPG
    Romulan 60 days-2.JPG
    Romulan 60 days-3.JPG
    Romulan 60 days-7.JPG
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  3. A few more at 9 weeks..
    Romulan 60 days-5.JPG
    Romulan 60 days-4.JPG
    Romulan 60 days-9.JPG
    Romulan 60 days-10.JPG
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  4. Feel free to leave a comment if you want. :)
  5. Looks dank well done . Great review!

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  6. Thanks Green Bowl! :)
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  7. Subbed. Good stuff. I love Romulan!
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  8. Thank you PhenoMorph! :)

    And for everyone, I am super excited to share this with you all... we gifted a cut of our Romulan to Dark Heart Nursery in California, and they just made the announcement on their website. It will take some time for them to roll her out, but if you are close enough to get a cut I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and grow this girl at least once.. and if you're too far to get one, we are releasing fem'd beans on our website in September.

    Here is the link to the DHN listing:
    Romulan | Dark Heart Nursery
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  9. Here are some photos from close to day 70..
    Romulan 47.JPG

    Romulan 01.JPG

    Romulan 03.JPG

    Romulan 80.JPG

    Romulan 87.JPG
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  10. Seeds dropping next week.. :)

    IMG_0012 (2).JPG
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  11. Just picked up one of these fabulous clones today from Dark Heart. I'm more than stoked to grow this one out. Thanks for your efforts and keep up the amazing work!
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  12. Thank you! Thats so awesome to hear. You'll love that plant.
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  13. Packs.jpg

    So happy to finally be at this point after years of work. :)

    Feminized and Regular Seeds are finally available of our Romulan, and of course like I've mentioned Dark Heart Nursery has also just began releasing clones of our cut as well all over California.

    Next up on my list of plans is some crosses, involving Romulan obviously.. both fem'd and reg seeds, and most on this list will drop near the end of this year, starting in about 60 days or so.

    Here is the list:

    "Ring Of Fire" - Landrace and semi-landrace, double polyhyrbid.
    (Hawaiian x Alaskan x Kandahar x Hindu) x (Thai x Colombian x Mexican x Afghani)

    "Alien Bacon" - (The HOG x Romulan)

    "Berry Alien Cookies" - (Forum Cut GSC x Purple Panty Dropper) x Romulan

    "Cosmic Melon" - (Sherbert x Watermelon Kush) x Romulan

    "Looney Tunes" - (Old Thai x Old Afghani) x Romulan

    "Galactic Gushers" - (Grapestomper x Durban Poison) x Romulan

    "Alien Kush Cream" - (Gelato x OG Kush) x Romulan

    "Lemon-Lime Icing" - (OG Kush x Gelato x Frost) x Romulan

    "Juicy Froots" - (Bubblegum x Romulan)
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  14. I just love this shot.. Romulan male pollen sac opening

    Reversed Rom Macro (2).JPG
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  15. i'll definitely find your website and check you out. i don recall ever smoking romulan specifically but from what i understand it should be on my list.

    have you considered introducing ruderalis to the gene pool?

    edit: i had bookmarked it the last time i cruised through here. very nice work man. it rakes a lot of hard work, patience, dedication, and iron will to successfully produce quality cannabis seed. seed chuckers need not apply! correcto? :smoke:
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    I couldnt agree more Possuum! And thank you very much for those kind words.. :thankyou:

    I have plans, and actually may collaborate with some people on an autoflower version of Romulan, which would introduce Ruderalis however not in its more wild form. I am working on some things, that are genuine landrace strains, and have some ideas for adding Ruderalis into the gene pool of some of the pure sativa varietals. But thats all just hypothetical stuff right now, I have a long road map that covers the next 2 years for production, so those things will be far down the line and plans may change by then. :)
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  17. 20200419_125552.jpg 20200419_125724.jpg 20200419_125834.jpg 20200419_125942.jpg 20200419_130050.jpg 20200419_130158.jpg
    New cultivars dropping over on our website for 4/20.. offering freebies now with each paid order, and we have some specials going on for 4/20 only..

    Also, we have some official collaborations in the works, with some breeders you all know and love already.. very well known breeders. Stay tuned for more news on that down the road. ;)
  18. Fuck yeah.
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  19. wow that looks fantastic. Keep up the good work!
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