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  1. anyone know where i can find some roms for an N64 emulator that isnt a torrent site or anyshit like that oh yea and fo free
  2. just google it, but it'll be hard to find nintendo ones. every since they put the wii ability to download old games from other systems, they've been cracking down on the roms
  3. project 64, type it in google, then enjoy.
  4. ive already got project 64 im looking for games and i tried googling it but all the sites are fucking bullshit id try and download a game and itd be like vote for some stupid bullshit and id never get anywhere it fucking pissed me off even thinking about it pisses me off fuck the wii its making amusement to damn exspensive
  5. I wish my computer was good enough to play N64 games, I can only go up to Super Nintendo. and lets you download without voting i believe.
  6. Why not torrents? that's the best way, if you don't know how, look it up. Find out how, its worth it
  7. no torrents cause im strait up to lazy to download all the necessary shit
  8. dont really care i have regular nintendo roms someone hooked me up w/ in school but basically there was a sticky saying any talk about roms or emulators will get shutdown so if someone has an answer for this ***** pm him because this thread will be locked shortly most likely
  9. Easiest way hands down is torrenting..sorry your to lazy.
  10. There's not really much work involved. Besides typing and clicking. Just do it, you'll be happy you did. I can't imagine life without torrents.
  11. yeah man, torrents or bust. I mean sure, you can use Limewire or Kazaa........hahahahaha..... haaaah.

    But yeah, in all seriousness, it isn't that difficult to set up. You have more control over your downloads, you can download large files (like, ahem, hundreds of N64 roms in a zip file), AND its much safer and more reliable than any other method you were probably thinking about.

    edit: Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear, but take the extra time to set it up. Totally worth it, assuming you really want to play those games.
  12. and I bet you dont SE.. SEEE. SEEEEED.

    nah im j/k. torrents are the best way to get stuff nowdays.
  13. theses are not my uploads credit goes to day dreamer on
    N64 GAMES

    1080 Snowboarding

    Download 1080 Snowboarding (16MB)-

    Download Banjo-Kazooie (16MB)-

    BomberMan 64
    Download BomberMan 64 (8MB)-

    Diddy Kong Racing
    Download Diddy Kong Racing (12MB)-

    Donkey Kong 64
    Download Donkey Kong 64 (32MB)-

    Duke Nukem 64
    Download Duke Nukem 64 (8MB)-

    GoldenEye 007
    Download GoldenEye 007 (16MB)-

    Mario Golf 64
    Download Mario Golf 64 (24MB)-

    Mario Kart 64
    Download Mario Kart 64 (13.25MB)-

    Mario Party 2
    Download Mario Party 2 (32MB)-

    Mario Tennis
    Download Mario Tennis (16MB)-

    Mario, Super Mario 64
    Download Super Mario 64 (8MB)-

    Mega Man 64
    Download Mega Man 64 (32MB)-

    Mortal Kombat 4
    Download Mortal Kombat 4 (16MB)-

    Perfect Dark
    Download Perfect Dark (32MB)-

    Pokemon Stadium 2
    Download Pokemon Stadium 2 (64MB)-

    Rampage World Tour
    Download Rampage World Tour (12MB)-

    Scooby-Doo - Classic Creep Capers
    Download Scooby-Doo - Classic Creep Capers (16MB)-

    South Park
    Download South Park (16MB)-

    Starfox 64
    Download Starfox 64 (12MB)-

    Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire
    Download Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire (12MB)-

    Super Smash Bros
    Download Super Smash Bros (32MB)-

    Tony Hawks 64
    Download Tony Hawks 64 (12MB)-

    Worms - Armageddon
    Download Worms Armageddon (12MB)-
    hope this helps

  14. To lazy to download one program that doesn't even have to be installed?
  15. Damn I miss

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