Romney to pick Paul Ryan for VP

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  1. Romney to announce running mate Saturday morning

    Paul Ryan the man with two first names, lol. I was hoping for someone really amusing like Rick Perry. Imagine a Rick Perry vs. Joe Biden debate both of them liquored up! It would have been like a SNL sketch. Alas we just have Paul Ryan the guys whose idea of cutting the deficit is raising military spending. :rolleyes:
  2. Pretty sure Ron Paul is too first names...w
  3. Ah great, this guy. Mitt romneys chance of being elected perhaps just raised a few ticks?

    Who the fuck is going to take Biden seriously?
  4. Can't tell if you're serious or I'm sober. :p

    Ryan isn't going to pull in the youth, tea party, or independent voters, and he's certainly not going to win over any Ds either. I don't really give a fuck, so wake me up in 2015. ;)
  5. i was kinda groggy when i saw the headline this AM and all i saw was "romney picks Paul as running mate"

    then i saw "ryan"

    oh well..
  6. Copied from RPF

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    Anyone else watching his speak right now? The music that he walked out too was epic as hell. Too bad their both douches.

  8. "Join me in welcoming the next President of the United States.... Paul Ryan"


    oh Mittens...
  9. after the last VP nominee.. anything seems like a good choice to them.

  10. I was snorting because Romney introduced him as the next PRESIDENT of the U.S.

  11. geez..

    they need to start doing IQ tests on these GOP candidates
  12. The ticket is complete- One Corporatist+One Union buster. And Both paid shills for the CIA!

    Sounds like business as usual in Corporate Investment Agency America.

    Prepare to be trickled down on.:eek:
  13. Joseph Smith / Ayn Rand 2012
  14. So all the media hype over the last few months was for this? And people say politics is boring.

  15. Lol Paul Ryan pretends he's a fan of Ayn Rand just like he pretends he supports the free market and liberty. He doesn't know the first thing about Ayn Rand or he wouldn't vote for half the shit he does.

  16. lol wut

    Ryan will definitely get the Tea Party, they are far right conservatives and that is what Ryan stands for.
  17. I loved that Willard introduced Ryan as the next president of the United States. That was hilarious.

    Obama's still gonna serve Willard in the general election.
  18. Obama/Biden will mop the floor with these two clowns.

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