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  1. I'm currently taking an American Lit class, and have been studying the romantics a lot of my college career. Can we show some MOTHA FUCKIN props to these folks?!

    I find myself sitting in class thinking, wow these people really know what they're talking about and incredibly fun to read and decipher. My teacher made a point that (insert psychologist name I cant remember here) says teenagers around the age of 20 usually aren't ready to read Emerson or Dickinson. Their brains simply aren't ready. I completely disagree. I wholeheartedly believe they know whats up with this whole life thing, and should be taken extremely seriously (not that they aren't already).

    So if you got love for this era of writing/thinking, show it! Or post a quote.
    I'll post some of my favorites if this thread actually goes anywhere. :smoke:

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