Rolllling harddddd(long)

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  1. Welcome blades to the wonderful story that is my x trip. SO last night at around 11 o clock one of my friends stopped by this house that was a big party house and decided to give me some triple x ecstacy. I said wtf im gonna down it so i took one double stacked then smoked a 3 gram blunt of jack herra. After that i cant really describe how my body felt except for one word. Shakey i felt a sudden urge of energy blasting through my skin and had to go outside or i was gonna throw up. SO i went outside and i felt so amazing u cant describe how amazing everything is on ecstacy unless you've done it. AFter walking around touching the leaves and trying to swim in the grass. I was lucky enough to have a hot girl to make out with and shit. So we walked around this chicks neighboorhood. And i cant really describe what being with someone is like on ecstacy its kind of like just the greatest feeling in the world. Just sitting there kissing, talking, touching w.e anything is amazing. I acquired a new taste to water because i knew i had to drink it. I never liked the taste of water and dont drink it a lot. But on ecstacy its sooo good. Im actually drinking water now :p. After the up and done peaking for a while i started to feel a hard come down so i layed down once i layed down i started going back up and fear and loathing just looked so kool. AS i layed on this girls couch i felt as if ive lost all touch to reality and that the only thing my mind was feeling was extreme sensation to anything. It lasted from about 11 to 5 and then i had a morning haze when i woke up. Anyone that considers doing e i suggest.

    Fresh air

    Im bout to go smoke a big L see u blades later :smoking:
  2. Do you know what type it was (name)? man you make me wanna roll again, its been too long. First night of summer break is gonna be crackin, got the pure mdma all lined up. But foreal, everything just feels too quote TechNi9e..."10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes feelin' funny butterflies
    My eyes dilate another size overwhelming sense of love
    Got this nut so sprung
    Walk up to a stranger baby, can I suck your tongue"

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