rollitup forum SUCKS

Discussion in 'General' started by 87rx7chick, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. seriously and honestly the people there are definantly not as nice and well brought up as most of the guys on here... over there they are down right rude.... screw them.... seriously, posting in the newb section and i get bashed for being a newb ?! wtf? and i aint even talkingg about some one telling me to search. or read the stickies, cuz i always do that as much as i can........
    just down right douchebag
  2. thats sucks.
    dig in my sack to feel better :D
    haha but yeah its chill here even tho ive never been on other smoking forums
  3. Kiss ass. Just kidding Welcome to the forum who accepts all genres of stoners.
  4. oh i know, i went on there and made one thread.
    and then left cause it was laaaaaaame
  5. ha sorry to hear. atleast you didn't get discouraged ;)
  6. ya, the layout of the pages is not as conveinient, or as pleasing to the eye, or something. I just don't like it quite as much.
  7. We roll up that real stuff.


    The grass is always greener at GC :cool:
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  8. Oh bromosexual can I get a hit of that, so tasty..

    I need to make some hash.

  9. Man i just got a huge pang of jealousy.

    yeah, well, GC is the best on the interwebs, welcome to the hood.
  10. well, fuck them then
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    No need to be bashing other sites. If you don't like it there, don't go there. Simple as that.
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