Rollitup better then Grasscity?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by yotopgun, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. i think so. i have gotten so much more helpful and encouraging information on Rollitup then any other. it seems a lot more people here are discouraging and have little or no helpful info. i have been here for a year, made several posts and threads. and also have helped out a few people. but still my Karma remains neutral. i recommend to everyone reading this to sign up with you wont be disappointed. :wave:
  3. Different strokes for different folks. :confused_2:

  4. state your experience and why you feel that way?
  5. Why not just be happy with both?

  6. Been here almost a year and 114 posts with no karma? thats ridiculous. i feel i deserve better.
  7. at least at rollitup i get reputaion from my threads.
  8. rep doesnt mean anything man.

    well rep means something.

    but e-rep means nothing.
  9. Because rollitup is a the same thing as Grasscity but with less threads and bad moderation. :cool: GC.
  10. Reputation = Epenis viagra

    its worthless, now ive been here a few months and already have 3 bars. Why?

    I have no fucking idea actually..well a mod repped me so that didnt hurt...uuh...

    Just make threads that are worth something. Good information, Lulzy stuff, Lulzy information, Good stuff

    and umm..

  11. No, i started off there then moved here. Got banned for a stuiped ass reason...
  12. Haha i love getting banned then goin somewhere else....
    GC is like the only forum i havent been banned from atleast once!
  13. Haha yeah same. I do like me some GC though :D

  14. i think it is because they have more mature growers. so those of you who got banned from rollitup come here. thats why i keep bumping into immature rude children with no beneficial info what so ever. i started here, but a friend of mine introduced me to and it has been a godsend. im not knocking grass city. there are still many helpful and informative people here. just a lot more imature people here then at Rollitup.

  15. Wow, that's pathetic.

    Try harder, it takes effort, it comes slowly, and you shouldn't be making the effort for the rep anyway, but to make the community better.


    Go subvert people somewhere else.
  16. Agreed.

    How that little in that long of time?!
  17. btw i am a first time grower. and have posted many many threads of my grow. and not one person has been kind enough to hook me up with some +rep for it. i post lots of pics and give all the info i can about my grow. i have even done research for others in regaurds to frost, and watering intervals. but still have nuetral karma.

  18. fuck you. dont call me names. im stating an opinion. your the one being the asshole.:mad:
  19. Feel free to go back to RIU then, buddy. :rolleyes:

  20. already way ahead of you. thanks for the input bro. rollitup has way more users anyways.
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