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Rolling with RAW's is hard... Help me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mistah_Mayne, May 2, 2016.

  1. So I got a few packs of RAW's with filters, the classic kind. I cant figure out, for the life of me, how to roll with them. Also, Im pretty new at rolling in general. Any tips for a newbie?
  2. Honestly one of the easiest ways to learn is to watch this video that Wiz made. It's a pretty easy way to roll a Raw paper.

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  3. you mean filters or tips? cigarette filters wouldn't be so good, right? what is so different about using raw brand to any other paper - personally i haven't noticed a difference.
  4. RAW's are much thinner, plus I got the classic version. Its a tan looking paper, instead of white, and is thinner from what Im normally used to
  5. "thinner"...that must mean you've been using like the orange packets of rizlas, or similar cigarette rolling papers? technically, you don't need to do anything so different than when you roll with any other papers. i find it helps to roll if my fingertips aren't perfectly clean, because the paper sticks to them better. is it just the thinness of the paper that is causing trouble, or something about the size of it? i know for some people they are a bit too wide to roll neatly, so they might rip a strip off of the long end (opposite the glue strip).
  6. First off get yourself a 1/4, grind it up and get to practicing, you don't wanna be that guy at a get together that can't roll. Tan Raws are all I use anymore but do like the Element rice papers too. Are you a fold the corners in before adding weed guy or just toss it in and start rolling? I don't fold corners but used to but its not necessary.

    pro tip: add a little at a time, the hardest part of rolling is the first roll and the less paper you have to work with the harder it is so add a little but to your paper and roll it up into a nice round shape, should be easy as you have lots of paper to work with. Add a little bit more and roll it continue to do so til you got it the size you want. To avoid preggo's work your thumb in the middle to help evenly distribute.
  7. another thing i thought of is, if you don't want to practise with weed and risk wasting it, rolling tobacco is a cheap option. you can use bits of the cover of a magazine as a tip (since presumably you'll be rolling joints that have tips), and just throw away the resulting cigarette. if you plan to mix your joints with tobacco, i recommend rolling tobacco anyway. i can't roll reliably with cigarette tobacco, myself.

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