Rolling up something special for someone special

Discussion in 'General' started by John Lennon, Mar 18, 2012.

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    I want to smoke with a friend who wants to try weed for the first time. However Im not sure if its better to use a pipe or a joint. I want to make something special, so I need some ideas. Maybe if I roll a cone? But I read that cones are a waste of weed. Any tips for taking care of my friend in that frist trip?
  2. Just a smaller size joint in my opinion. I rolled a gagger for someone's first time once, big mistake..
  3. i say use a pipe
    its something every smoker had to learn to use
    its like a skill he must gain experience in
  4. I would use a pipe...Less harsh.
    I don't really think it matters though, just let them know that they shouldn't take a huge toke the first few times...Unless they just want to come out blazin'! :)
    (The first time I smoked it was a pipe)
  5. They may not get high the first time, I didn't
  6. Also bowl, teach him how to corner
  7. Types of joints really don't affect the high. I'd use a joint for now, bowls are pretty harsh on your throat.
  8. I would roll a J, and cones are usually on special occasions so roll a cone

    Impressive and easy to use, no carb
  9. A joint would be best. Pipe's can be pretty harsh

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